14 Sept 13

Here in northern CO, we’ve just experienced the worst flooding in many decades, maybe the worst ever!

Major highways are just now reopening. Some won’t reopen for months!

In the high-country, there are still many stranded in enclaves, even entire communities. There is no way to get in, nor out, except by helicopter. Most have no power and no telephone, at least no land-line. Cell-phone service is sporadic. Most also have no internet service either, so there is no way for them to effectively communicate with the outside world.

Some, among the wise, have adequate stores of food, water, medicine, passable clothing, and guns and ammunition for themselves and immediate family. They’ll be okay!

However, I’m amazed at newsreel footage of many who have had to be rescued, wearing flip-flops and T-shirts. They can’t even walk! They can’t protect themselves. They’re hungry and dehydrated. Utterly dependent upon the good will of others. Utterly unable to do anything for themselves. All they can do, all they’re apparently willing to do, is wait around for someone else to come and help them.

Mother Nature is about as “understanding” and “sympathetic” as is lightning, bacteria, and gravity! The sage and prepared have a fighting chance. The foolishly unprepared have no chance!

“History is strewn with the wrecks of nations, which gained a little ‘progressiveness’ at the cost of a great deal of hard manliness, and thus prepared themselves for destruction.”

Walter Bagehot