24 Sept 13

At a press conference last week, officials from the DCPD bragged about their swift “response time” to the previous Monday’s Naval Yard shooting. Collectively, they don’t think they could have done any better.

The scary part is, they’re probably right!

Two minutes to get armed officers to the gate. Another five to seven minutes to locate and engage the active murderer. Another thirty minutes, with a lot of rounds exchanged, to neutralize the (in this case) single suspect.

So, if this is the “ideal” (their words) response, we can reasonably expect no relief, even in the most dire of circumstances, for at least forty minutes!

We really are “on our own,” and for a hell of a long time!

I’ve talked about VBCs (Victims by Choice) and VVs (Voluntarily Victims). These are naive, vain, liberal air-heads who piously profess that they would rather see their families and themselves maimed and/or murdered by violent criminals than take any effective action to defend themselves. Their choice, and I have scant sympathy for them.

But, those at the Naval Yard were/are VBPs (Victims by Policy)! It is the official policy of cynical administrators to convert those for whom they are responsible into unarmed, defenseless “targets,” to be nonchalantly maimed and murdered by armed and violent criminals. They do it knowingly. They don’t care, and never will.

More recently, we’ve see similar massacres of the defenseless in Kenya and Pakistan, this time non-Moslems were specifically selected for wanton slaughter.

Since we all can expect no meaningful protection, nor even empathy, from governments, bureaucrats, and others up the food chain who are supposed to care, but obviously don’t, we need to re-confirm in our own minds that we are on our own, that no one is going to rescue us, and that we are cynically regarded as expendable/replaceable by politicians who themselves enjoy elaborate personal protection, provided of course by taxpayer dollars.

As the holiday season approaches, shopping malls, schools, churches, military bases, and other places where large crowds of the unarmed can be found, will be eyed as targets by terrorists. Places like NY, NJ, IL, CA, et al, where the vast majority of citizens are not routinely armed (by policy!), are particularly vulnerable. Other states, where many of us regularly go armed, will be considered by terrorists as less eligible.

Either way, we have to function as our own “bodyguards,” as the government, while providing veritable armies of them for themselves, won’t be providing any for us.

Alert, nimble, suspicions, always armed, always with an escape plan, always prepared to fight boldly when necessary. This is what ever separates the live professional from the dead amateur.

When the Test comes, it will come swiftly and without mercy!

“One of the best cures for pride and affectation is seasickness. A man who wants to vomit never puts on airs!”

Josh Billings