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FL Pig Hunt!

29 Jan 13 Late yesterday afternoon, on a ranch down here in south FL, I shot and killed a 125lb wild pig, using my LaRue/Aimpoint (T1) and Surefire (X300)-equipped XCR-M, with 168gr Cor-Bon DPX (308). We were ten minutes into an all-afternoon hunt. I was perched high on a swamp-buggy, along with my guides and […]

7.62×51 (308 Win) DPX

26 Jan 13 Yesterday, I was asked to put-down a crippled bull at a ranch here in FL where I’m currently conducting Courses. The bull was large, upwards of 1500 lbs, and a victim of territorial struggles with rival bulls. He had numerous broken bones, and doubtless, serious internal injuries. He was out in a […]

“Security” in Academia?

22 Jan 13 “A wise man never attempts to warm himself in front of a picture of a fire” “Polish Proverbs” from Thomas Banacek (played by George Peppard) in the 1972-74 NBC television series, “Banacek” “Security” in Academia? From a friend in NM: “I’m a college professor. At a recent ‘faculty-orientation’ I pointedly asked our […]

Circling the Drain?

22 Jan 13 Chicago’s violent crime statistics have taken center-stage recently, but Detroit’s are even worse, as everyone who lives in the area knows. These comments from a friend there: “Our city-center is being, at least somewhat, ‘kept clean’ for the sake of what scant tourism we still have, but only with massive spending and […]


19 Jan 13 ADSI’s Web Page will be up in a week, or two. During our inaugural meeting, I was shown ADSI’s Web Page, but I neglected to listen when I was told it would not be launched immediately. Sorry for my error! In any event, I’ll advise. It won’t be long! /John

2013 Shot Show, Last Day

18 Jan 13 The 2013 Shot Show is now history. Record attendance, record number of exhibitors, and heavy security, but 2013 (maybe 2014 too!) will go down in history as “The Year of Shortages.” Many makers of guns and ammunition have already stopped taking new orders. They’re doing their best to take care of long-time […]

2013 Shot Show, Third Day

17 Jan 13 At the Springfield Armory booth, I got a chance to handle the XD/S, in 9mm. External dimension are identical to the SD/S in 45ACP, so it is SA’s version of the M&P Shield, the PM9, and several others. Will be popular! Windham Weaponry, makers of excellent ARs, had on display a new […]

2013 SHOT Show, Second Day

16 Jan 13 Surefire is now making a 500-lumen weaponlight! I now have a copy mounted on my XCR-M, and a light that bright adequately illuminates targets sixty meters downrange. Recommended for rifles! Mark LaRue’s famous “Predatobr” AR is called the “suitcase-rifle,” and for good reason. I saw the railed-forend come off, barrel come off, […]

2013 SHOT Show, First Day

15 Jan 13 Mood at the Show is edgy! Everyone is wondering if, and how, their lives will change. No one trusts, nor expects, anyone in government to exhibit good judgment, nor care a whit about citizens. Universal distrust and open suspicion of true motives is on everyone’s lips. Manufacturers of guns, and particularly ammunition […]

2013 SHOT Show, Range Day

14 Jan 13 2013 SHOT Show, Range Day It was cold and windy in Las Vegas, NV today, but Range Day went as planned, and I was able to get my hands on a number of items of interest: Gemtech had on display an FN 240B, which is the 308 version of the SAW (Squad […]

New Web Page!

13 Jan 13 DTI’s Web Page has been updated and revised. Yes, I know, it is about time! Go to It, like me, is a “work in progress,” but my wonderful friends, Jeff Tueller and Phil Duclose, have helped me to see how necessary this upgrade/update is, and have patiently guided me through it. […]

2013 SHOT Show Review

Day Four 13 January 2013 The 2013 Shot Show is now history. Record attendance, record number of exhibitors, and heavy security, but 2013 (maybe 2014 too!) Will go down in history as “The Year of Shortages.” Many makers of guns and ammunition have already stopped taking new orders. They’re doing their best to take care […]

NRA Vindicated?

10 Jan 13 School systems around the country, after publically castigating the NRA, with prodigious, pious, drippingly self-righteous fanfare, for even proposing armed officers in schools as a solution to security issues, are now, oh-so-quietly, implementing NRA’s exact suggestion! Several are even discreetly arming selected school staff, including teachers, without so much as a peep, […]


9 Jan 13 “No amount of learning can cure stupidity, and formal education positively fortifies it.” Stephen Vizinczey “Rights?” When someone says, in so many words, “I have a ‘right’ to never have anything bad happen to me,” they are displaying a level of ignorance and self-delusion that ultimately makes for them a short, and […]

“Protected” Guns?

8 Jan 13 The small UT town of Spring City is currently discussing a resolution that all households must have at least one unspecified “gun” therein and, at some point, residents thereof must participate in some kind of gun training. The whole thing is mostly symbolic, of course, and other municipalities that have passed similar […]

Scenario-Based Training

7 Jan 13 Many have asked about scenario-based training (Airsoft). We do several such programs each year. All of our others are live-fire. Our first Scenario-Based Program this year is in Boulder, CO on the weekend of 2-3 Feb 13. We use a commercial building and Airsoft guns. Our local contact is Diane Nicholl at […]

Industry update

5 Jan 13 “‘Learning’ is but a foil to common sense, a substitute for true knowledge. Books are less often made use of as ‘spectacles’ to look at nature, than as ‘blinds’ to keep out its strong light and shifting scenery from weak eyes and indolent dispositions.” William Hazlitt Today, I visited several local gun […]


4 Jan 13 “Social engineers never get past statistics. Stalin said, ‘One man’s death is a tragedy; a million deaths are a statistic’ They invariably think the way Stalin did. J Wolf They do indeed, and, when it comes to the usual, weary anti-gun drivel, they’re pretty sloppy with the truth! Figures anti-gun liberals endlessly […]


3 Jan 13 “Sheep don’t trust sheepdogs, any more than they trust wolves!” G Hamilton In the small, downstate Illinois town of Belleville, IL, the manager of the local Denny’s Restaurant, on 1 Jan 13, demanded that a female detective with the local PD, sitting at the same table with four of her police colleagues, […]

Still worse!

1 Jan 13 From a friend with the ISP (Illinois State Police): “There is another reckoning, which we watch closely here. It is a listing that is often overlooked when calculating crime data, nor is it normally used as an indicator of the level of violent crime, and that is the rate of ‘aggravated assaults.’ […]