16 Jan 13

Surefire is now making a 500-lumen weaponlight! I now have a copy mounted on my XCR-M, and a light that bright adequately illuminates targets sixty meters downrange. Recommended for rifles!

Mark LaRue’s famous “Predatobr” AR is called the “suitcase-rifle,” and for good reason. I saw the railed-forend come off, barrel come off, and stock come off, all quickly, leaving a receiver and buffer-tube, the longest component, at fifteen inches. All parts fit neatly in a suitcase, gym-bag, or any number of other low-profile options.

Friends at Kahr tell me the polymer-framed PM9 is still their best-seller, by far. The all-steel version is called the MK9. The less expensive version is called the CM9. We now even have a CW380, which is a less expensive version of their ever-popular P380. Kahr also now offers a “Desert Eagle” 1911 Commander Model, and a light 22LR autoloading rifle with a graphite barrel.

Something else I learned: My Kahr PM45 (and the less-expensive CM45) both accept standard, 1911 magazines. I had no idea! Of course, they protrude out the bottom, but they are still perfectly functional in Kahr pistols..

ROBAR offers a “True-Fit” process for most Glocks, where the grip is reshaped to imitate the feel of a 1911, or SIG. The popular “Roguard” polymer coating has now been superceded by the superior “PolyT2″ process.

A company called “Range Tactics” showed me their “Parallax Mitigation Device.” It fits over the objective lens of an Aimpoint T1/H1and provides a centering point for use when the rifle is sighted-in, assuring the dot is in the exact center of the device as adjustments are made. It provides for an extremely accurate zeroing process. I’ll be using it shortly!

Mark Krebs showed me his “Key-Mod,” a full-length railed-forend system that fits on most Kalashnikovs. Few know more about the Kalashnikov than Mark!

Blue Force Gear, famous for their Vickers Sling and Wire-Loop sling-attachment points, now makes the HIVE body-carry system. Slung over the shoulder, it is a convenient and low-profile way to carry guns, and accessories out of sight, but handy. Vicki and I decided we needed a copy!

Many of our Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds students have asked about a legitimate commercial trauma-kit that is small and easily carried. Bob Kostelny at DPP (Disaster Preparedness Products) showed me a very good one, the IFAC (Individual First-Aid Kit). They are available now. Get hold of him at info@unclebobsgobags.com

The Glock-like Caracal Pistol, manufactured in UAE, new last year, was on display again this year. Their booth was, once again, large and elaborate. The pistol is cleverly designed and well-made, but I’ve never seen a copy for sale commercially. This year, they added a 9mm semi-auto carbine. The Carbine “features” a bolt-locking grip-safety, that makes it impossible to load/reload one-handed. Nothing that interests me!

High-performance ASYM ammunition, a brand with which I was not familiar, was recommended to me by friends. It features Barnes bullets (DPX), and they are currently shipping 9mm and 45ACP. 40S&W and 5.56×45 (223) are also made by ASYM, but those two calibers are sold-out for the foreseeable future.

Tom Kulwicki, and his Crew at Alessi, are making their famous ankle-holster for small autoloaders, now that features an additional spare-magazine carrier. He is making a copy for my Kahr PM45!

Third day tomorrow. Lots more to see!