9 Jan 13

“No amount of learning can cure stupidity, and formal education positively fortifies it.”

Stephen Vizinczey


When someone says, in so many words, “I have a ‘right’ to never have anything bad happen to me,” they are displaying a level of ignorance and self-delusion that ultimately makes for them a short, and unhappy, life. And, they are unfit for citizenship in a free Republic!

Our Constitution provides no protection from, for example, bacteria. Bacteria don’t seem to care, one way or another! Likewise, immunity from sadness, unfortunate circumstances, suffering, dying, and death is also conspicuous by its absence from the text.

Who read such rubbish into our Constitution are delusional and dishonorable. They dishonor our courageous Founders and all our Constitution’s brave defenders ever since.

Our Constitution does not warrant bad things will never happen, but does confirm certain pre-existing rights (“endowed by our Creator”) of all citizens. For example, our Constitutional does not guarantee innocent people a fair trail. Here, everyone is guaranteed a fair trial!

When some leftist says this or that Constitutional right needs to be “regulated,” and fraudulently uses terms like “common sense” and “We’re doing it for you own good,” you can be sure that, in their minds, “regulation” translates to “prohibition,” and, whether in small steps, or in one big one, the result is always the same, and it was invariably their intention, their “hidden agenda,” from the beginning. They love nothing better than to “regulate” our God-given and Constitutionally-confirmed individual rights as citizens out of existence, suffocating us with so many vaguely-written “rules,” no one can even know if he is “law-abiding” or not. Thus, all citizens are continually terrorized, groping, weak, and fearful- exactly the way they want us!

And, what makes these weasels, these hypocrites, these Constitutional criminals, so blatantly evil is the fact that none of the restrictions they’re proposing for the rest of us, will ever apply to them, and they know it!

Who so self-righteously think, for example, military rifles are inherently wicked and thus need to be prohibited, will (when they have any personal honor) set the example and start with themselves! We should say to them, “Okay, let’s start with your bodyguards, Skippy!” And yet, none have volunteered, and no one in our corrupt media is making such a suggestion. Imagine that! Many more citizens are murdered ever year than are politicians. Why is it that they “deserve” protection, but we don’t?

We can never allow ourselves to be deceived by these lying leftists. They want for themselves all the power, all the revenue, all the privilege, but none of the accountability. They feel far more of a kinship with Lenin, Marx, and Stalin than they ever will with Washington, Jefferson, and Adams.

They are a disgrace to our Republic, and it is a disgrace that they were ever elected.

“It’s hard to imagine a more stupid, dangerous way of making decisions, than putting those decisions into the hands of those who pay no price for being wrong!”

Thomas Sowell