10 Jan 13

School systems around the country, after publically castigating the NRA, with prodigious, pious, drippingly self-righteous fanfare, for even proposing armed officers in schools as a solution to security issues, are now, oh-so-quietly, implementing NRA’s exact suggestion! Several are even discreetly arming selected school staff, including teachers, without so much as a peep, of course.

In Sandy Hook, there was a heavy police presence, outside and inside, when schools reopened. And, imagine that, they were all armed!

Liberals, nationwide, are frantically buying guns, while outwardly condemning gun-ownership, in the same way they decry honest wealth, while hiding their own.

Hypocrisy has to be the sincerest form of flattery!

“First, they tell you it will never work, and they can prove it
Next, the admit it does work, but insist it is not important
Finally, they grudgingly concede it is important, but maintain they’ve know about it for years!”

Kettering, articulating the “liberal MO”