22 Jan 13

“A wise man never attempts to warm himself in front of a picture of a fire”

“Polish Proverbs” from Thomas Banacek (played by George Peppard) in the 1972-74 NBC television series, “Banacek”

“Security” in Academia?

From a friend in NM:

“I’m a college professor. At a recent ‘faculty-orientation’ I pointedly asked our academic dean what was being done to screen for potentially violent students and campus visitors, and otherwise provide tangible protection for us all. I added that professors here, particularly female professors, are regularly threatened, even assaulted, so my question was not ‘hypothetical!’

The dean’s (predictable) response:

1) That’s not my job!

2) Information on arrest records, convictions for violent felonies, et al is ‘highly-confidential,’ so we don’t get to know which students represent real and demonstrated threats to our safety.

3) OSHA, in the form of written policies, ‘protects’ all staff!

4) You’re insured, so we’re not worried.

Career bureaucrats love hearing their own voices!

It was painfully obvious the dean couldn’t possibly care less about us, our personal safety, nor the safety of students. So, what’s new?

I concluded what you’ve said repeatedly: ‘I’m on my own!’ I knew that all along, of course, but I really appreciate my dean categorically confirming it, in spades. I said nothing further, as I quietly, discreetly patted the pistol on my waist!”

Comment: The sole purpose of all “written policies” is to offload liability from the institution and onto the individual. Never underestimate the cynicism of those who pay no price, in personal terms, for their mistakes. Put another way, never trust those who “lead from the rear!”

“Training means ‘learning the rules.’ Experience means ‘learning the exceptions!’”