4 Jan 13

“Social engineers never get past statistics. Stalin said, ‘One man’s death is a tragedy; a million deaths are a statistic’ They invariably think the way Stalin did.

J Wolf

They do indeed, and, when it comes to the usual, weary anti-gun drivel, they’re pretty sloppy with the truth!

Figures anti-gun liberals endlessly recite, having to do with “gun-deaths” and “gun-violence” are never broken-out by circumstance. Liberals hate pesky details! So, when they say there were this many “gun-deaths,” the figure they recount includes (1) violent felons righteously shot by police, (2) violent felons righteously shot by legally-armed citizens, and (3) violent burglars/home-invaders righteously shot by householders, (4) violent rapists righteously shot by their potential victims. The truthful figure for homicides that are genuine murders is much lower, but it never sees the light of day. When an innocent citizen, or police officer, is alive, because they took courageous, direct action to defend themselves, liberals regard it as a tragedy.

Liberals love to use the term “killer” and “murderer” interchangeably, as if all homicides are murders. Not so! I am a “killer,” in as much as I have killed people (during warfare), but I’ve never murdered anyone.

Military rifles are involved in such a small percentage of murders, they are vastly exceeded by hammers! In fact, the best evidence now suggests that, during the Newtown, CT shooting, no military rifle was ever involved, only pistol(s). That fact somehow got buried also!

We represent the current generation of proud, bold, independent, righteous, audacious, unfearing, armed Americans. We’ve never committed any crime, with or without a gun. We’re good and productive citizens. For that, liberal Democrats, and their knee-jerk media lackeys, unconditionally hate our guts! They always have, and there is nothing we can do that will ever make them like us. They are spoiled children, and they begrudge all adults.

We can never give an inch! Our enemies, like Joe Stalin, are not good people. They are sleazy, leftist liars, and they resent all forms of decency. Let’s not give them credit they don’t deserve!

“Who think they can be happy and prosperous by letting the government ‘take care of them,’ rather than taking care of themselves, had better take a closer look at the American Indian!”