1 Jan 13

From a friend with the ISP (Illinois State Police):

“There is another reckoning, which we watch closely here. It is a listing that is often overlooked when calculating crime data, nor is it normally used as an indicator of the level of violent crime, and that is the rate of ‘aggravated assaults.’

In 2012, it surpassed 10,000, in Chicago alone, not counting the balance of Cook County. That is nearly thirty per day, and includes armed robberies and sexual assault! The Cook County rate is twice that of Los Angeles County, which is nearly as populous.”

Comment: Many of those “assaulted” are in critical condition. Ten years ago, a significant percentage would be dead, as Dave Grossman noted.

Chicago, a massive “gun-free zone,” apparently isn’t! Attempts at a “gun-free utopia,” always by liberal Democrats, are an obvious and pathetic failure in Chicago, a fact ignored by the corrupt media.

Despite all those needless deaths and critical injuries, the liberal bleat is predictable, “We didn’t go far enough”

Disarmed Americans are not “safe,” not from violent criminals, not from foreign invaders, not from their own government.

We fail to take note of conspicuous evidence, at our peril!