3 Jan 13

“Sheep don’t trust sheepdogs, any more than they trust wolves!”

G Hamilton

In the small, downstate Illinois town of Belleville, IL, the manager of the local Denny’s Restaurant, on 1 Jan 13, demanded that a female detective with the local PD, sitting at the same table with four of her police colleagues, all visibly armed and displaying badges, “leave your gun in your car, or leave the restaurant.”

The stunned officers initially thought it was a joke.

It wasn’t!

They all got up in unison and abruptly departed, and haven’t been back!

As we can see, the vile anti-gun attitude of leftists/liberals is not confined to average American gun-owners. It embraces police officers too! They are morbidly fearful/distrustful/hateful of anyone with a gun.

Like frightened sheep, they huddle together and spew hatred, even at sheepdogs who are trying to protect them!

They are conceited exponents of “learned-helplessness,” and believe defenselessness to be the ultimate virtue. They look down on those who don’t worship at the feet of the same graven image they do, believing us all to be morally and intellectually inferior.

They need to study Plato, who said, among other things:

“It never troubles a wolf how many the sheep be!”