8 Jan 13

The small UT town of Spring City is currently discussing a resolution that all households must have at least one unspecified “gun” therein and, at some point, residents thereof must participate in some kind of gun training.

The whole thing is mostly symbolic, of course, and other municipalities that have passed similar resolutions in the past made sure anyone who doesn’t want to participate doesn’t have to.

However, in a larger sense, it is acknowledgment of the implication of the Second Amendment that all able-bodied Americans are involuntary members of a “Militia,” whether they know it or not, and are thus subject to involuntary call-up, when necessary, for the defense of the nation. And, that they are expected to individually show-up for duty when so called, “bearing arms,” presumptively their own, as neither individual state governments, nor the federal government, will be able, nor obligated, nor likely, to arm individual militia members. And, arms they “bear” must be able to compete, on equal footing, with those currently in use by evil forces, foreign or domestic, they’re obligated to oppose.

Thus, current, common military weapons, designed and intended to be operated by a single individual, particularly rifles in existing military service, are the ones the Second Amendment is most intended to protect, and of which to insure individual (at least voluntary) possession by all American adults. Modern, military rifles trace their ancestry directly back to the American Revolution.

In the Miller Case, argued before the US Supreme Court in 1939, the government contended that a particular kind of shortened shotgun was not a “common military individual weapon,” and thus not protected by the Second Amendment. The clear implication is that all individual weapons (guns) that are currently in, or have ever been in, common military service– handguns, shotguns, and particularly rifles, are indeed protected by the Second Amendment!

As a non-lawyer, my conclusion is that modern, military rifles are the most protected of all guns protected by the Second Amendment. What leftist politicians and their media lackeys call, with an arrogant sneer, “weapons of war.”

Well, of course they’re weapons of war! So is the Benelli M4 shotgun, the Beretta 92F pistol, various S&W revolvers, M1 Carbines, M1 Garands, Kalashnikovs, FALs, and a host of others. They’re all in current, or previous, common military usage and thus are protected.

In my opinion, we real Americans need to stop apologizing to leftist Constitutional criminals, who think there is, and should be, no limit to their power, and that individual rights of Americans are really “privileges,” arbitrarily granted, and withdrawn, at their whim!

Our individual rights and liberties, most especially the right to individually, unilaterally possess military guns, were conferred upon us by our Creator, and He apparently didn’t think He needed the concurrence/approval of any earthly potentate. Thus, no apology on our part is necessary, nor appropriate!

Gulags for us non-lemmings are coming next, and self-righteous liberals will be predictably defending/justifying them with an identical level of enthusiasm and haughtiness!

Can’t happen here? Dream on!

“Don’t tell me not to fly
I’ve simply got to
When someone takes a spill
It’s me and not you
Who told you you’re allowed
to rain on my parade?”

From the “Don’t Rain on my Parade,” from the 1964 musical, “Funny Girl.” Most popular version was sung by Barbra Streisand