Monthly Archives: December 2022

Last Quip of 2022, snowstorm in NY!

31 Dec 22   Western NY Snowstorm!   A three-day blizzard struck western NY last week, starting on Friday, 23 Dec 22   For most, the “official end” means nothing, as many residences are still without power, and driving bans remain in effect in much of the area.   Snowstorms are far from rare in […]

TX Hunting!

29 Dec 22   Big-Game Hunting in TX   I just spent the last two days hunting here in TX at a well-known exotic game ranch near San Antonio.   I shot two nice animals, using my SA VHS2 (Hellion) Rifle (w/Osprey/Global 1×4 optic) and Defiant Munitions 5.56×45 (223) 55gr TCX rounds.   Again, this […]

There is nothing quite so difficult to see as the obvious!

22 Dec 22   “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident, which everybody has decided not to see.”   Ayn Rand   Ignoring the obvious!   In the wake of the as-yet-unsolved stabbing-murders of four college students in ID last November, we thus-far have no suspect(s) in custody. Instead, we have unending, dubious, […]

Personal Readiness!

20 Dec 22   “Willingness” is a state of mind. Readiness is a statement of fact!”   David M Shoup, USMC Commandant, 1960-1963   These comments from a good friend and Department Armorer for a rural SO here in CO.   “I’m currently doing year-end inspections of department pistols, rifles, less-lethal, and guns carried off-watch […]

Industry Update

16 Dec 22   Industry Update, from friends in the distribution business:   “1) Kalashnikovs sell as fast as we can get them in!   Best sellers are Arsenal (SAM and SAS series), Zastava (M70 series), Century (VSKA and BFT series), and KUSA (103 series), all of which run well   We’re also selling lots […]

Some Jewish History

15 Dec 22   You have two options:   1) Deny the unpredictability of life and manufacture your own false sense of security   2) Accept the vagaries of life and learn to live with them”   Steve Pavlina   Some Jewish History:   Jewish families, fleeing religious persecution (mostly in Europe and the Ottoman […]

Any fool can make a rule, and every fool will follow!

13 Dec 22   “Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to intelligent behavior. Voluminous, complex ‘rules and regulations’ give rise to stupid behavior!”   Dee Hoch   From a fellow serviceman, who (like me) is long-since retired:   “I was stationed in Alaska in the late 1970s. Eskimo Scouts attached to our infantry battalion […]

Defiant Munitions

8 Dec 22   From Pete Pi Jr, CEO of Defiant Munitions   “DM TCX 223-55gr is now in-stock!   I have been out of stock on that load for some time, but our vendors have enabled us to recently produce a batch. It’s available now!”   Farnam note: 55gr TCX is one of my […]

Short Memories?

6 Dec 22   Willing slaves?   “Who willingly, indeed eagerly, exchange their individual freedom, liberty, and Constitutional Rights for dubious ‘protection’ (along with welfare handouts), naively imagine they’ll never need guns.   Of course, when they suddenly do, it will be too late, and the naif deceived will belatedly realize that they’ve been shamelessly […]


4 Dec 22   Predators and Predation   “‘Nature’ is what we are put on this earth to rise above”   Rose Sayer (played by Katherine Hepburn) to Charlie Allnut (played by Humphrey Bogart) in the 1977 feature film “The African Queen”   Predators are opportunists. When there’s an easy kill, they’ll go for it, […]