4 Dec 22
Predators and Predation
“‘Nature’ is what we are put on this earth to rise above”
Rose Sayer (played by Katherine Hepburn) to Charlie Allnut (played by Humphrey Bogart) in the 1977 feature film “The African Queen”
Predators are opportunists. When there’s an easy kill, they’ll go for it, sometimes for the sake of their own survival but often just to keep in practice!
Such “opportunistic predation” is common, even as dishonest, woke “wildlife experts” try to suppress this uncomfortable fact.
Likewise, human predators get a twisted pleasure from terrorizing the innocent. They are truly evil, as are all those who choose to make excuses for them!
Yet, how often do leftist politicians, along with their ever-obedient media hacks, try to con us into believing that, while they must have heavily-armed tax-payer-funded bodyguards, we “ordinary citizens” don’t need to own guns, nor go armed, in order to protect ourselves from predators (both wild and human), that these same leftists support and empower?
As armed, “Apex Defenders,” we need to think in terms of just whom we are.
As armed, Apex Defenders, in the process of protecting the innocent, we will fight any evil predator to the
As such, we should not be surprised as sluttish leftist cowards in politics continually seek our destruction!
To that point, in their enthusiasm for empowering violent, evil human predators, sleazy leftist politicians in NY, NJ, CA, OR, IL, et al are now passing unconstitutional anti-gun laws that are in obvious and blatant violation of the recent Bruen Ruling. These “wokeists” know full well that what they’re passing does violence to Bruen, and they don’t care!
They have no regard, nor respect, for our Supreme Court.
That is obvious, since they were more than willing to allow violent rioters just outside their homes, violently intimidate justices and threaten their lives, while doing nothing to defend them and their families.
We rely on honest courts to protect our rights and freedom from rogue politicians. In that, our courts have often failed!
Yet, even when The Court does succeed in protecting us, as in Bruen, evil, power-hungry leftist rogues in politics, who think no rules apply to them, seek to unlawfully overpower the Court, through self-righteous obstinance, as well as political violence, as we see!