13 Dec 22
“Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to intelligent behavior. Voluminous, complex ‘rules and regulations’ give rise to stupid behavior!”
Dee Hoch
From a fellow serviceman, who (like me) is long-since retired:
“I was stationed in Alaska in the late 1970s. Eskimo Scouts attached to our infantry battalion carried either Remington M700 bolt-action rifles or Winchester M70 bolt-actions. All were chambered for 30-06, and these Eskimos, accustomed to living in ‘bear country,’ preferred heavy bullets, such as Remington 220-grain ‘Core Lokt’
These unsung heroes of the tundra carried their hunting rifles with them everywhere, even on post (Fort Wainwright), inside the barracks, commissary, mess hall, and the PX. They were careful with them, but their rifles were never unloaded!
They did so in complete and contemptuous disregard for (silly) gun control ‘regulations,’ and it really annoyed a few of our always-indoors ‘desk-bound commandos,’ who, when they shrieked in horror at the thought, were instructed by our commanding officer to calm down, or report to a more ‘conventional’ duty-station further south!
Our Eskimo Scouts told me that they’re always armed with thirty-caliber rifles, because black bear, brown bear, polar bear, and grey wolves are everywhere and always hungry!
In addition, none of the above are impressed with rifles chambered for 5.56×45!
Our Eskimo Scouts were good soldiers and could be counted upon to follow orders, except for foolish, Pentagon-generated ‘regulations’ that when adhered to, led to avoidable deaths, courtesy of unforgiving Mother Nature”
Comment: Human “predators” infesting our world are also ubiquitous and constantly hungry, albeit a good deal less respectable than the ones mentioned above.
Yet, we’re told by sleazy leftists that personal impotence and helplessness are great virtues.
Going armed, as those Eskimos were, is thus a terrible sin, because the practice indicates that
you actually believe you are a free, sovereign citizen and thus have inalienable rights, among which is the right to life, when they sincerely want you to believe that you’re just their willing, expendable slave and have no rights at all!
“Free men bear arms”