16 Dec 22
Industry Update, from friends in the distribution business:
“1) Kalashnikovs sell as fast as we can get them in!
Best sellers are Arsenal (SAM and SAS series), Zastava (M70 series), Century (VSKA and BFT series), and KUSA (103 series), all of which run well
We’re also selling lots of 30rnd AK magazines (7.62×39), mostly from Circle10 and US Palm
2) On the AR (M4) side, LWRC (Land Warfare Resources Corp) and LFA (Live Free Armory) move-out very fast, mostly in 5.56×45, but more than a few in 308 (7.62×51)
Marcolmar’s CETME Rifle (5.56×45) is also an excellent seller.
3) Tavor TS12 shotgun from IWI is extremely popular right now.
KSG and KS7 shotguns from Kel-Tec, also popular
Everything from B&T (a Swiss company, no clue what ‘B&T’ stands for), Rock Island, and Bersa moves briskly
4) On the inexpensive side, Hi-Point and Charter Arms are routinely selected by low-income consumers, and there are lots of them, and they are just as frightened as you are!
5) 30rnd M4 magazines from Duramag, Circle 10, Thrill represent low-cost options, sell well, and they all run just fine!
6) Pump shotguns and bolt-action rifles are slow right now.
By contrast, single action revolvers, and lever-action rifles are continually sold out!
7) Ammunition (9mm, 5.56×45, 7.62×39, 7.62×51) all in good supply, at least for now”
Comment: With the current cynically-manufactured “border crisis,” with its tsunami of illegals, from all over the
world (many violent criminals and drug traffickers among them), poring into the country, completely unchecked, US citizens are scared to death, and ought to be!
Most US Citizens don’t have any idea of how bad it really is, nor how much worse it is going to get.
Everyone fully expects our already-high rates of violent crime to expand exponentially, and this fear is reflected in panic-buying of guns and ammunition!
“Fear doesn’t shut you down.
It wakes you up!”
Veronica Roth