31 Dec 22
Western NY Snowstorm!
A three-day blizzard struck western NY last week, starting on Friday, 23 Dec 22
For most, the “official end” means nothing, as many residences are still without power, and driving bans remain in effect in much of the area.
Snowstorms are far from rare in western NY, yet this one is responsible for at least two dozen fatalities. Stuck vehicles still litter roads in some places.
1) In deep snow, conventional motor vehicles, even those with four-wheel-drive, are utterly immobile! It does not take many inches of snow accumulation to shut-down all motor traffic, including emergency services!
Help never came for many in stranded cars!
2) Portable, battery-powered AM/FM radios are extremely handy in this kind of emergency, as they allow one to keep current, via local radio, with developing conditions, even when power is out.
With no power for recharging cell phones, they all soon fall silent!
3) Many were in apartments and condos when power went out. In such “high-efficiency structures,” sealed windows cannot be easily be opened for exit, nor ventilation. When accumulated snow prevents the front door from opening, exiting the building (which you’re probably going to want to do when it is on fire) becomes slow and difficult.
“High-efficiency furnaces” now vent at ground-level and not up the chimney. Ground-level vents plug with snow and must be manually cleared, lest the system become constipated.
4) Grocery markets were stripped bare within hours of the storm starting! For many, it was too late to “stock-up!”
5) Wide-spread looting broke-out before it even stopped snowing! Police were overwhelmed and unable to respond in many cases.
Unarmed home owners are extremely vulnerable!
6) What used to be regarded as “normal preparation” for bad weather and other emergencies, is now smugly denigrated by woke politicians as representing right-wing “survivalist/prepper” thinking.
Odd that my parents’ generation, who grew up in the 1930s, were apparently all just a bunch of right-wing “survivalists!”
Among the willfully naive and unprepared, there is this wide-spread, unrealistic expectation that government employees will instantly swoop-in and save the day when things get rough. This adolescent, unfounded belief has generated much misery the past few days!
Only fools “subcontract” responsibility for their own personal protection and welfare!
“The pessimist complains about the wind.
The optimist expects it to change.
The realist adjusts his sails!”
William Ward