22 Dec 22
“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident, which everybody has decided not to see.”
Ayn Rand
Ignoring the obvious!
In the wake of the as-yet-unsolved stabbing-murders of four college students in ID last November, we thus-far have no suspect(s) in custody. Instead, we have unending, dubious, tired rhetoric by hand-wringing, sweaty-palmed police and university public-relations gas-bags!
You can rest assured that when you hear cynical, boilerplate expressions like:
“Beefed-up security”
“Ramped-up patrols”
“Extra security”
“Police presence”
… ad nauseam
repeated endlessly, it means the investigation is at a standstill, and you’ll not see any more of our defunded police than you did before the murders!
… which also means students, and everyone else, are on their own, indefinitely!
You can also rest assured that you’ll never hear one word uttered by the same people about real, physical, personal safety!
Thus, you’ll never hear them articulate the painfully obvious:
“If you haven’t already, you better get a real gun and learn how to use it!”
Instead, we hear about dubious fantasy like “Birdie Alarms,” which are utterly impotent, but nonetheless are claimed to “deter attack” (you really want to bet your life on that preposterous hype?)
Also, “Green-Dot College Prevention Strategy,” which laughingly tries to persuade “potential witnesses” to physically intervene during violent criminal attacks in which they were not otherwise involved.
Good luck with that!
The garbled “message” is all too clear (when you’re listening):
“We want all citizens, especially university students, to continue to be devoted VBCs (Victims, by Choice), and never anything more! Accordingly, every ‘security measure’ we’re recommending is designed to fail, as anyone can see.
Since politics is far more important to us than anyone’s safety, truly effective personal protection, such as keeping and carrying guns, is something we’ll never honestly discuss, nor even mention, so don’t expect us
The foregoing will never change, and many, probably most (certainly all VBCs), will never “see the obvious”
The few who do enjoy good health, dying only of old age!
“Five percent of people think
Ten percent think they think
The other eighty-five percent would rather die than think!”
Thomas Edison