6 Dec 22
Willing slaves?
“Who willingly, indeed eagerly, exchange their individual freedom, liberty, and Constitutional Rights for dubious ‘protection’ (along with welfare handouts), naively imagine they’ll never need guns.
Of course, when they suddenly do, it will be too late, and the naif deceived will belatedly realize that they’ve been shamelessly duped, cynically betrayed by sinister politicians, who only want them as slaves!”
Doc Gunn
In the four years between the end of WWII and Israel becoming a nation, the British, who were in ostensible control of the area, were no less anti-gun in those days than they are today!
Israelis, surrounded by murderous hostiles, were convinced (with good cause) that the British had no enthusiasm for protecting them, and even less for allowing them to form their own nation, and in fact would cheerfully sell them down the river at the first opportunity.
So, in audacious defiance of British law, heroic Israelis began to arm themselves. In the process, they became experts at smuggling, as Jewish families around the world sent them guns, concealed in everything from cars to furniture!
The rest, of course, is history!
Had it not been for all those “illegal guns,” Israel would likely not have survived, and in fact the world would probably have witnessed another Holocaust, this time in the Middle East!
Jewish people in present-day Israel haven’t forgotten!
Many Jews in America and Western Europe have!
Of all ethnicities (if that term is even appropriate), Jews should be the ones most anxious to be individually armed with modern weapons, particularly in view of world history witnessed by the previous two generations, and to a large extent, world history we’re witnessing now!
“Who possess ‘assault weapons’ don’t get herded into cattle cars!”