29 Dec 22
Big-Game Hunting in TX
I just spent the last two days hunting here in TX at a well-known exotic game ranch near San Antonio.
I shot two nice animals, using my SA VHS2 (Hellion) Rifle (w/Osprey/Global 1×4 optic) and Defiant Munitions 5.56×45 (223) 55gr TCX rounds.
Again, this round is amazingly lethal!
Rifle functioned flawlessly.
I took an axis deer on Tuesday,  Range was 75m.  Broadside.  75 lbs. Two rounds.  First was high, and the animal moved only slightly.  I immediately caught the link and delivered a second round a half-second later.  This one hit several centimeters lower, and the animal dropped in place.  The animal was mixed-in with a herd, so I had to wait until I had a clear shot.
I took an Aoudad Mountain Sheep Ram (Barbary Sheep) yesterday.  Range was again 75m.  The animal was running right to left, not part of a herd.  My guide had sticks, which I used, but I had to mount and shoot  very fast.  Window was less than a second.  One hit, just below the left shoulder.  Bullet did not exit.  The animal continued running, but I knew it was a good hit.  I tried to get a second shot, but was not able.  As it turns out, a second shot was unnecessary!
He ran another 30m and dropped dead!  My single bullet did not hit his heart, but it made a hash of everything else!
Very exciting!
My host was very gracious, but I’m not mentioning his name, as the was a “special event,” set-up for me.
The ability to hunt big game with our military weapons is a rare and wonderful opportunity!
Sharpens one’s skills and reveals flaws in one’s technique and philosophy!
As in all true learning, big-game hunting is simultaneously painful and dangerous, and so exciting!
I am extremely thankful for the opportunity!