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Banned at Facebook!

29 July 22   When I compose and publish a Quip, it goes out to my direct mailing list immediately.  I no longer manage that list personally, but to get on it, go to:   You can register your email address there directly.  Withdraw any time.   This is a no-fee service provided […]


29 July 22   “Some use “ambiguity” as their native language, and thus prefer to hide behind a veil of para-social intrigue, deceit.”   Erik Pevernagie   “Racism!”   Democrats have made “racism” the “new McCarthyism!” Like “assault weapon,” the term “racist” is deliberately left undefined, so that the accusation alone (absent any evidence) suffices […]

Disarm a Nation

27 July 22   “Tyrants are the children of vanity”   Sophocles   The Democrat-dominated “Oversight and Reform Committee” of the House of Representatives is about to viciously pillory selected American gun-company CEOs who have been called to DC in order to “answer some questions.”   Yet, Democrat Committee members aren’t waiting to actually hear […]


26 July 22   “Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied”   Otto Von Bismarck   The invariable method used by socialists (Democrats) when confronting bad news is abject denial, then self-justification.   After continuously denying rapidly-escalating inflation, the JRB Administration now assures us that inflation is a good thing, because […]


21 July 22   A new Communist Utopia!   JRB recently canceled a strategic counterintelligence program designed specifically to protect the USA from ever-more sophisticated Chinese espionage.   Chinese love him!   Currently in China:   China is rapidly replacing human judges and prosecutors with AI-empowered computers.   China is currently using “AI” to “improve […]


19 July 22   “Tactical Loitering!”   As a young USMC Captain, I attended the Army Advanced Infantry Course at Ft Benning, GA in 1978.   At the “Home of Infantry,” there is a vitally important reason that:   “Follow Me!”   is the historic motto of our Infantry School.   Everyone there, starting with […]

Ready, or Not!

13 July 22   “I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.”   Churchill     WWI, Ready or Not!   American General Jack Pershing kept BARs out of the hands of American troops until the very end of the War, fearing they would be captured and “reverse-engineered” by Germans. […]


6 July 22   Some history:   >On 1 August 1966 in Austin, TX, Charles Whitman murdered eleven and wounded 31, all with a bolt-action (“non-assault”) rifle.   >Six years ago (14 July 2016) in Nice, France, a perp murdered 86 innocent people and injured another 458 by deliberately running-over them with a truck (doubtless […]

Tragedy for us. “Opportunity” for them!

6 July 22   “To disarm the people was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”   George Mason   Highland Park, IL shooting incident of 4 July 22   Highland Park is a suburban “high-rent district” north of Chicago, with a high percentage of residents being Jewish. I conducted several training programs […]

Live From The Field

2 July 22   “Wrong does not cease to be wrong, just because the majority share in it.” Leo Tolstoy   There is scant doubt that the PRC manufactured and launched COVID as a “biological artillery barrage,” designed specifically to stress and weaken the existing economic and social fabric of the Western world.   That […]