2 July 22
“Wrong does not cease to be wrong, just because the majority share in it.”

Leo Tolstoy

There is scant doubt that the PRC manufactured and launched COVID as a “biological artillery barrage,” designed specifically to stress and weaken the existing economic and social fabric of the Western world.
That strategy has been largely successful!
Targeted Western nations have been thus progressively “softened-up” for political exploitation and eventual occupation.
The Centennial Year of 2049, by which anniversary Chinese Communists (who seized power in 1949) have pledged to dominate the entire world, is just twenty-seven years away!
The JRB Administration has offered little in the way of opposition!
At present, there is scant resolve in Western culture, particularly among liberals, to even so much as delay that date!
To the contrary, leftist politicians are enthusiastically selling this nation down the river, because they naively see themselves retaining political power after the “Revolution,” under their new Chinese Communist overlords!
In world history, this is nothing new. Many civilizations have thus come and gone. Most extinct civilizations cannot say they were “conquered.” The vast majority willfully committed suicide!
As Independence Day approaches craven leftists/liberals are, even now, cursing our nation’s Founders as “racists,” and simultaneously cursing all of their fellow Countrymen who humbly/thankfully celebrate this holiday!
“They removed their masks in front of a mirror, stared into empty eyes, and then silently walked back to their graves”
Akshay Vasu
Conversely, and with no apology, we Operators joyfully/proudly celebrate life, all of Western Civilization, and this blessed nation in particular, on this Independence Day!