26 July 22
“Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied”
Otto Von Bismarck
The invariable method used by socialists (Democrats) when confronting bad news is abject denial, then self-justification.
After continuously denying rapidly-escalating inflation, the JRB Administration now assures us that inflation is a good thing, because we Americans need to be punished for our great national sin of individual liberty and freedom.
After continuously denying the escalating crisis of violent crime in virtually every metro area, we’re now told we deserve violent crime, because we haven’t been nice enough to violent criminals.
After being told we don’t “need” guns, Democrats de-fund our police, release violent criminals (immediately), close jails!
In view of the foregoing, some of us might get the crazy idea that Democrats really like ecumenical lawlessness, squalor, filth, stagnation, because they unfailingly, relentlessly work in that direction- currently with great success!
One would think, with a record like that, Democrats would be precipitously voted out of power, but I’m not sure, as a nation, we’re even capable of holding a legitimate election any more!
Our last one didn’t inspire much confidence!
“A basal suspicion (and simultaneous distrust) of government and of all politicians, is both healthy and essential in a free republic”