6 July 22
“To disarm the people was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
George Mason
Highland Park, IL shooting incident of 4 July 22
Highland Park is a suburban “high-rent district” north of Chicago, with a high percentage of residents being Jewish. I conducted several training programs with the HPPD year ago.
The twenty-one-year-old perpetrator in this case is from a local Jewish family. In fact, he was recently asked to depart (permanently) the synagogue his family attended. His chronic toxic behavior (including numerous violent threats and at least one attempted suicide) was obviously well known within his family and religious community.
His was a classic “troubled youth,” and he was repeatedly identified as such by his family, his community, and local police. Yet, he was jealously “protected” and “apologized for,” and was thus unmotivated to change his ways, nor was anyone motivated to get him any real help!
All of Illinois’ burdensome suite of restrictive gun laws (which, when passed, were cynically touted to have the absolute ability to preclude incidents like this one), obviously did nothing to prevent this perpetrator from acquiring the gun(s) he used to commit this crime!
Restrictive “gun laws” obviously didn’t work, and never will!
Of course, leftist politicians don’t care about any of this. They just want to get the rest of us all forcibly disarmed and helpless!
Now is the time to acquire an M4, CETME, M1A, XCR, FAL, PTR, VHS, AK, et al!
Also, plenty of magazines, ammunition, optics, and competent training.
They’re shamelessly using these “opportunities” in enslave us all!
“Free men bear arms”