6 July 22
Some history:
>On 1 August 1966 in Austin, TX, Charles Whitman murdered eleven and wounded 31, all with a bolt-action (“non-assault”) rifle.
>Six years ago (14 July 2016) in Nice, France, a perp murdered 86 innocent people and injured another 458 by deliberately running-over them with a truck (doubtless an “assault-truck”).
>In Sagamihara, Japan, on 26 July 2016, a man used a knife (I’m sure it was an “assault-knife”) to attack people in a disabled citizens center where he murdered nineteen and wounded 26 others.
>In Kunming, China, at a railway station on 1 March 2014, eight attackers using knives and cleavers murdered 31 and wounded an additional 141.
>In 1995, the Aum Shinrikyo Sect released some home-made sarin nerve-gas in a Tokyo subway. Twelve innocent commuters died. Over 6k were exposed and injured!
Monsters obviously don’t require a semiauto rifle in order to murder the innocent.
The “common denominator” is not any particular instrumentality. The universal factor is evil people!
Yet, Democrats predictably blame (1) privately-owned guns, (2) responsible gun-owners who have committed no crime, and (3) our Second Amendment
In the Highland Park incident, the perp, despite numerous contacts with police, many threats of violence, and suicide attempts, was still dutifully issued a valid FOID (Firearms Owner ID) card by the State of Illinois, and with it, legally purchased at least four guns.
The highly-touted NICS System failed to countermand any of these sales at the retail level.
Illinois’ highly-touted “Red Flag Law” was never invoked, not by family, nor by police, although all were well-aware of the issues!
So much for all that “feel good” crap!
An important point that continues to escape attention of the media:
No amount of anti-gun legislation, designed only to punish the law-abiding, will ever satisfy Democrat/socialists!
Trying to “compromise” with them is an exercise in futility. It’s similar to citizens of Israel who say, “If we’re just nice to Islamic extremists, maybe they’ll learn to like us!”
Oh, please!
What history supports that naive theory?
Leftists will never be satisfied until we formally-free Americans are like Jews in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, unable to defend ourselves against heavily-armed Nazis and their legions of nationalized thugs (also heavily-
All these compromises do is feed their insatiable lust for absolute control!
We must not delude ourselves into thinking that current leadership of the Democrat Party, and a large percentage of elected Democrats, are not Communists. And like Communists everywhere, their goal is absolute control and power, period!
Thus, “Democrats” are not anti-gun. They’re only “anti-your-gun” None of their liberty-suffocating restrictions will ever apply to them!
Remind them of that when they try to tell you they’re taking away your freedom, “… for your own good!”
“Our fathers, having nobly resolved never to wear the yoke of despotism, and seeing the European world, at the time, through indolence and cowardice, falling a prey to tyranny, bravely threw themselves upon the bosom of the ocean, determined to find a place in which they might enjoy their freedom, or perish in the glorious attempt.”
Joseph Warren