27 July 22
“Tyrants are the children of vanity”
The Democrat-dominated “Oversight and Reform Committee” of the House of Representatives is about to viciously pillory selected American gun-company CEOs who have been called to DC in order to “answer some questions.”
Yet, Democrat Committee members aren’t waiting to actually hear the testimony!
From their bully pulpit, slavishly provided by the liberal media, Democrats are already accusing these honest American manufacturers of marketing their products exclusively to “white supremacists.”
Democrats impeach all American gun-owners, retailers, and manufacturers as “racists.” Our personal integrity and patriotism is impugned!
Anyone who naively believes Democrat/socialists will ever stop their campaign to forcibly confiscate all guns from American citizens (while retaining their own) is a naive fool!
They’re coming after our guns.
Then, they’re coming after us!
“To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”
Adolf Hitler