19 July 22
“Tactical Loitering!”
As a young USMC Captain, I attended the Army Advanced Infantry Course at Ft Benning, GA in 1978.
At the “Home of Infantry,” there is a vitally important reason that:
“Follow Me!”
is the historic motto of our Infantry School.
Everyone there, starting with buck privates, knows and understands that they are expected to fearlessly step forward and take charge, without hesitation, when NCOs and officers are incapacitated and unable to carry-out their duties.
That motto reflects a uniquely American attitude, and I was, and still am, proud to be associated with this ancient and honored tradition that traces its origin back to Spartan King Leonidas who so audaciously and magnificently defended Western Civilization in 480 BC at Thermopylae.
Fast-forward 2502 years to Western “Civilization” today!
Before it was all over, four hundred law-enforcement officers were disjointedly assembled at the Uvalde Primary School in TX during the murderous shooting incident of 24 May 22.
Yet for over one agonizing hour, not a single one took the initiative to save innocent children inside!
We saw something very similar at the Columbine school shooting in CO in 1999, the Parkland, FL school shooting of 2018, and others.
My friend and colleague, Ron Borsch, coined the deliberately sarcastic term, “Tactical Loitering” to describe this ecumenical cowardly paralysis that so often seizes those who are supposed to be (and are paid to be) “Men of Action!”
Leftist propaganda promulgators (masquerading as “media”), none of whom have ever been involved in anything more dangerous than grandiloquent debates at university faculty lounges, are now piously criticizing this lack of a timely response at Uvalde.
Yet, these same propagandists are saying of the gun-carrying hero who, on his own initiative, just decisively cut-short a murderous massacre developing at an IN shopping mall:
“Why would anyone carry a gun in public?” and
“How can local police call this person a ‘Good Samaritan?'” and
“Don’t they know that only government employees, and our personal bodyguards, should have guns?”
In Uvalde, they criticize police who display no initiative.
Then, with a straight face, they turn around and criticize (with the same arrogant self-righteousness) this amazing hero and his timely response to a lethal threat.
There’s no way to have a rational conversation with people like this!
“Who claim to have my best interests at heart, yet simultaneously suggest that I disarm and leave my personal safety in their hands, scare me!
They are not merely hypocritical, but dangerously ignorant and delusional.
They are true believers in false gods.”