21 July 22
A new Communist Utopia!
JRB recently canceled a strategic counterintelligence program designed specifically to protect the USA from ever-more sophisticated Chinese espionage.
Chinese love him!
Currently in China:
China is rapidly replacing human judges and prosecutors with AI-empowered computers.
China is currently using “AI” to “improve courts, correcting ‘perceived human errors,’” China’s new “smart court” they claim “increases fairness, efficiency, and credibility”
In China’s “smart courts,” the few human judges remaining are now forced to submit a written explanation when they disagree with AI, and their explanation is then submitted, not to other human judges, but to a another machine, or a panel of machines!
In fact, computers now suggest new laws, draft legal documents, charge humans with crimes, render verdicts, and issue punishments for offenses, all with virtually no human oversight.
Human judges are required to “consult” AI computers on every case. Overruling AI’s decisions is almost unheard of, and is done only at great personal risk!
An independent AI “prosecutor” has started charging people in Shanghai for crimes it “perceives,” all with no human oversight. Since AI is considered “perfect” in its judgment, it may never be questioned. In fact, questioning an AI decision has become a crime in itself!
China is already a pernicious “surveillance state,” with massive, and ever-growing, databases on each individual, complete with an active “social-credit system,” where every citizen receives a continually-upgraded “score.”
Better not flunk!
Beijing crows that its new technology is making a significant contribution to the judicial advancement of human civilization.
I’m sure!
Can you imagine what hideous fate awaits millions of innocents across the globe, as China’s amoebic foreign policy relentlessly brings millions of new, hapless victims under its control, maybe even us?
Chinese world domination is scheduled to be complete by 2049, and they’re currently ahead of schedule!
It’s pretty obvious what we can all look forward to!
My opinion:
“Artificial intelligence” is more accurately described as “artificial stupidity!”
Contrary to what we’re being told (by Chinese propagandists, and American politicians who choose to speak for them), computers are not “alive.” They don’t “understand” anything, and never can!
They are absolutely incapable of human judgment, caring, concern, mercy, fear, pain, righteousness. They don’t know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, life and death. In fact, they don’t “know” anything!
We put them in charge at our peril!