29 July 22
“Some use “ambiguity” as their native language, and thus prefer to hide behind a veil of para-social intrigue, deceit.”
Erik Pevernagie
Democrats have made “racism” the “new McCarthyism!”

Like “assault weapon,” the term “racist” is deliberately left undefined, so that the accusation alone (absent any evidence) suffices to condemn, with no denial ever tolerated.

Leftists are utterly incapable of personal honesty!

Oppressive leftist regimes have long-used such ill-defined concepts (eg: “counter-revolutionary,”) to viciously persecute, and ultimately exterminate, opposing politicians and innocent citizens alike, whom they choose to target.

Hence, careless accusations of “racist” will be arbitrarily thrown-about as we approach midterms.
Political violence will follow, purposefully encouraged, and directed against all who dare to speak-out against leftist tyranny.
Significant risk thus attaches to an outspoken political profile.
Expect it!
Don’t become a victim of it!
In America, “the land of freedom and liberty,” one is supposed to be able to express all political views, at no personal risk.
Not any more!
“True motives, like real pipes of an organ, are usually concealed.
It is always the gilded, hollow pretext that is pompously placed in front… for show.”
Charles Colton