29 July 22
When I compose and publish a Quip, it goes out to my direct mailing list immediately.  I no longer manage that list personally, but to get on it, go to:
You can register your email address there directly.  Withdraw any time.
This is a no-fee service provided by me in an effort to keep touch with my students, and influence the direction of our Art.  
The mailing list is shared with no one!
Quips are also posted on the DTI Facebook Page, usually the same day.
Today, Facebook courtly informed me that the DTI Page has been suspended, because they apparently don’t like the content of my Quips!  
I suspected this would happen sooner or later, as it has to a number of other non-liberal contributors.
In any event, Quips will continue to be published and are still available via direct email (see above), and can also be read on our DTI Web Page at
When you have friends to whom you forward Quips and/or who depend on our Facebook postings, please forward this note to them.
I’m sure that if I promise Facebook to be a good little Communist from now on, I’ll be reinstated immediately!
In the interim, uncensored Quips will continue to audaciously promulgate!
“I wonder if you realize that when you browbeat people who disagree with you into silence, because they don’t want to be called ‘hater,’ ‘bigot,’ whatever, their silence will create for you the illusion that you’re winning.
But, it’s just an illusion, an illusion you find so intoxicating that you’re completely unprepared when the moment of truth comes . . . and you lose.”
Dan Calabrese

the sleaze at Facebook have informed me that my