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Tac-Con, 2021

29 Mar 21   Tac-Con, 2021, Carrollton (Dallas), TX   Vicki and I just attended the 2021 Tactical Conference in Carrollton, TX, hosted by Rangemaster, and Tom and Lynn Givens (26-28 Mar 21, Fri-Sun).   We were at the wonderful Dallas Pistol Club Outdoor Range, a fabulous facility right in the center of town, with […]

“To conquer a nation…”

25 Mar 21   “Socialism is wimpy Communism. When you don’t have the courage to become a Communist, you become a ‘socialist’”   Jaggi Vasudev   “Gun control” is not the desired outcome of today’s Democrats/socialists/Communists!   The Left’s visceral hatred of armed and self-reliant citizens knows no bounds and is patently pathological. The desired, […]

ILEETA, 2021

24 Mar 21   ILEETA, 2021   Our annual ILEETA Convention (International Law Enforcement Educators’ and Trainers’ Association), once postponed, was finally held here in St Louis, MO this week.   Vicki presented her ever-popular “Size Still Matters” Class, about the subject of when duty handguns and hand sized are mismatched.   I was on […]

Sad Necessity!

21 Mar 21   “Music is not in the notes, but in the silence between them”   Mozart   Despite high-pitched squealing from France’s Green Party and the para-military CRCE (Communist, Republican, Citizen and Ecologist, their version of ANTIFA) at the French Senate’s legislative move on Thursday to allow carry of concealed pistols by off-watch […]

North Africa

20 Mar 21   “Mortal danger is an effective antidote for fixed ideas!”   Erwin Rommel   Rommel!   During Germany’s North Africa Campaign in 1940-43, under the masterful generalship of Erwin Rommel, German forces were able, in the beginning, to recapture much of the area that had been lost to the British by Rommel’s […]

DTI Quips

17 Mar 21   DTI Quips   Some on our Quips “Direct List” have fallen-off, for reasons I’m not prepared to explain!   I generally publish a Quip once per week, sometimes more often.   So, when you notice you haven’t been receiving Quips for two weeks or more, I’m not sure what happened, but […]


17 Mar 21   “Safe” at home?   There is currently a nationwide surge in home-invasion/robberies, along with a significant increase in violent crime in general.   Among disarmed (by fiat) NYC residents, the phenomenon is particularly alarming! The media is playing this plague down of course, because it makes the JRB Administration look bad, […]


13 Mar 21   Ammunition update:   A new batch of high-performance defensive ammunition from Defiant Munitions in SD is available shortly, 9mm +p and 5.56×45.   You can get hold of my friend and colleague, Pete Pi Jr at:   605 490 3247 DTI Student discount code: DTI2021   Go to their Web […]

When the “cure” is worse than the “disease”

13 Mar 21   “Everyone thinks of ‘changing the world,’ but no one thinks of changing himself.”   Leo Tolstoy   Last Wednesday, and apparently with a straight face, the wife of NYC’s current Communist mayor urged New Yorkers, all disarmed by law, to nonetheless physically confront dangerous felons, as these felons are in the […]

I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination.

11 Mar 21   “The search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions.”   Eisenhower   Mexico’s foreign minister said in a recent interview that America, “must reinstate the ban on assault weapons; that would become the backbone of the strategy to reduce the flow of contraband weapons into Mexico that has […]

World History!

8 Mar 21   “This is not ‘peace.’ It is an ‘armistice,’ for twenty years French General, Ferdinand Foch, commenting on the Versailles Treaty of 1918 that officially ended WWI. As it turns out, Foch’s prediction missed by just a few months!   Likewise, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was correct in his assertion in 1975 that the […]


4 Mar 21   “Firearms, in the hands of properly-trained and rational/reasonable people, can be helpful tools in saving lives.”   Frieling   “Safe” Storage?   In a number of states, including mine, there is a current legislative movement to mandate “safe” storage of guns.   Guns necessary to protect the home on short notice, […]