13 Mar 21
Ammunition update:
A new batch of high-performance defensive ammunition from Defiant Munitions in SD is available shortly, 9mm +p and 5.56×45.
You can get hold of my friend and colleague, Pete Pi Jr at:
605 490 3247
DTI Student discount code: DTI2021
Go to their Web Page at defiantmunitions.com. There is a place there where you can insert your email, so that you’ll be notified immediately when product is produced and available for ordering/shipping.
My good friend and colleague, Cameron Hopkins, at Supervel Ammunition in NV, also highly recommended, has instituted a “BYOP Program,” where you can send him primers, and he will load them into high-quality practice ammunition and ship it all back to you.
He is very busy, as many customers, me included, have taken advantage of this wonderful service!
Go to Supervel’s Web Page at supervelammunition.com/byop-program/
DTI student ammunition discount code: DTI2021
Also go to:
There, you’ll see an excellent explanation of the difference between (1) small pistol primers, (2) small pistol “magnum” primers, and (3) small rifle primers. All three can be used in the production of perfectly-useable 9mm pistol practice ammunition.
Bottom line is that there is virtually no difference in pressure, nor velocity, no matter which is used.
The metal cup used with small rifle primers is slightly thicker than the one used when making small pistol primers. When shooting either through stock pistols, both will work equally well, and you’ll notice not the slightest difference, as noted above.
However, when using pistols with after-market “trigger-kits” installed (which I don’t recommend, just for this reason), ensuing “light hammer strikes” may produce “dud” rounds when 9mm pistol ammunition has been loaded using small rifle primers.
Primers are still the most difficult component to get in quantity. It’s an issue currently shared by all ammunition manufacturers, and I don’t see the continuous shortage we’re seeing now being alleviated any time soon!
So, get ammunition, as much as you can, any time you can!
This famine may well wax worse!