24 Mar 21
ILEETA, 2021
Our annual ILEETA Convention (International Law Enforcement Educators’ and Trainers’ Association), once postponed, was finally held here in St Louis, MO this week.
Vicki presented her ever-popular “Size Still Matters” Class, about the subject of when duty handguns and hand sized are mismatched.
I was on several Panel Discussions.
As always, there was a large vendor area.
Of note:
Like most manufacturers, Glock pistols are now all coming from the factory already set-up for red-dot optics. Glocks will accommodate most brands.
However, with the low-profile RMS Optic, elevated “suppressor sights” are no longer necessary! Thus, a Gen5 G19 with an RMS and standard iron sights (co-witnessed) is the way to go. I really like this set-up!
Bulky optics, along with “suppressor-style” iron sights, are no longer necessary!
The Rapid-Stop is the fastest-applying tourniquet I’ve seen. It uses a ratchet instead of a windless. I have a copy for testing. See it at rapid-stop.com
I got a chance to see and fire the “Bola-Wrap” It projects what amounts to a bolo at a suspect (10′-25′ away) and instantly wraps-up his legs in kevlar string! It uses a 380Auto cartridge to project the darts. It’s a well-designed unit, the size of a Taser. I can be used to prevent a suspect from fleeing. No electrical component.
See it at wrap.com.
On the same note, I experienced the “Glove” (Generated Low-Output Voltage Emitter). It’s a glove that an officer can wear that emits an electric shock as a suspect’s arm in grasped. It surely worked when demonstrated, instantly taking the suspect to his knees! Of course it requires physical contact, and it requires direct contact with skin. It does not work through clothing. See it at complianttechnologies.net.
Both Milo and TI demonstrated their wrap-around video simulators, where a student is surrounded with video screens, all integrated into the same video scenario. These video simulators are becoming more sophisticated all the time, with conditional branching, instant feed-back, and allowing the use of nearly any weapon. They’re also very expensive!
Walther’s slim PPQ Pistol has been superceded by the blocky PDP. I liked the PPQ better! The new PDP looks and handles much like the equally-blocky Beretta APX.
I attended as many Classes as I could. Harvey Hedden and his wonderful Crew bring-together police instructors from around the world. The big names are all here!
Police officers, particular instructors, should all be members and should attend our Conferences. You can learn much, attend Armorer’s Certification Classes, meet people, network!
Our sister-organization, IALEFI (International Association of Law-Enforcement Firearms Instructors), will be holding its annual Convention this fall.
Plan on attending!