25 Mar 21
“Socialism is wimpy Communism. When you don’t have the courage to become a Communist, you become a ‘socialist’”
Jaggi Vasudev
“Gun control” is not the desired outcome of today’s Democrats/socialists/Communists!
The Left’s visceral hatred of armed and self-reliant citizens knows no bounds and is patently pathological. The desired, and publically stated, goals of modern leftists are:
1) Destruction of the American firearms industry, from arms and ammunition manufacturing, to retailing, to commercial ranges, to firearms education. As a nation, we will be unable to manufacture our own arms!
2) Eradication of private gun ownership in the USA, marginalization of American gun owners, and eventual elimination gun-owners from American society, by any means necessary. Concealed-carry laws, gun-owner protection laws, legal self-defense, recreational gun sports, hunting, etc are all scheduled for revocation!
3) Disarmament of American police. Local police are already marginalized and mostly irrelevant, to the point where traditional “law enforcement” (arrests, aggressive patrol, investigation, pro-active policing, use of force, protection of people and property, etc) has been made illegal! Police officers are threatened with incarceration and financial ruin when they do the job they were hired, and expected, to do. Leftists are asking, “Why do they need guns?”
4) Displacement of local police (municipal police and county sheriff’s departments) with “Federal Police.” The federalization of police will take away all local control. Federal police will be heavily armed and unburdened with the current paralyzing limits placed on local police. Local police and policing will be swept away!
The message from Democrat politicians could not be clearer:
“We won’t allow police to protect you, and we won’t allow you to protect yourself”
Politicians, big-tech executives, media executives are all just fine with that, because they have their heavily-armed (with “weapons of war”) bodyguard staffs already in place, and anti-gun legislation will never apply to them. They will always be exempted from obeying their own laws, even as they are now!
The rest of us are utterly expendable. They don’t even need to solicit our votes any more, because illegal immigrants, combined with universal voter fraud, will render future “elections” irrelevant.
Speak-out against the leftist agenda, at your peril. Your First Amendment rights are being eliminated too!
“To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”
Adolf Hitler