8 Mar 21
“This is not ‘peace.’ It is an ‘armistice,’ for twenty years

French General, Ferdinand Foch, commenting on the Versailles Treaty of 1918 that officially ended WWI. As it turns out, Foch’s prediction missed by just a few months!

Likewise, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was correct in his assertion in 1975 that the West is dangerously and foolishly mistaken to underestimate the absolute evil of Communism, a diabolical political ideology dedicated to all-embracing world enslavement.
Deceptive and naive American leftists, currently drunk with power, are not “liberals” in the classic sense.
They may choose to call themselves “Democrats”, but their relentless, bestial attacks on goodness and decency, on our history, on our literature, on our individual rights as American citizens, on our Founders, on all aspects of Americana, and on our Constitution itself, clearly show them to be what they really are:
Modern-day versions of Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Trotsky
Sleazy, conceited, amoral, depraved thugs!
History is repeating itself … and not in a good way!
“Our enemies (UK, France) are little spineless worms. I confirmed that at Munich.”
Hitler to his generals at the end of 1938
It was at the Munich Conference of September 1938 that Hitler persuaded frightened and pusillanimous delegates from France and the UK (UK’s Prime Minister, Chamberlain, in particular) to stand-by and do nothing as Nazi Germany invaded and annexed the “Sudetenland,” the northwestern part of Czechoslovakia, eventually all of Czechoslovakia (today the Czech Republic), without a shot being fired.
Chamberlain arrogantly bragged upon his return to London that he had brought his nation “Peace in our Time.”
Less than a year later, Hitler invaded Poland.
This time, shots were fired!
Chamberlain was disgraced forever, never living-down his calamitous diplomatic blunder, born of smug,
personal vanity, a universal trait of leftists!