17 Mar 21
DTI Quips
Some on our Quips “Direct List” have fallen-off, for reasons I’m not prepared to explain!
I generally publish a Quip once per week, sometimes more often.
So, when you notice you haven’t been receiving Quips for two weeks or more, I’m not sure what happened, but
you can go to:
and sign-up directly. You’ll stay on the Direct List until you unsubscribe, or your email address changes.
When you have friends who want to be on the Direct List, please forward this email to them.
Quips can also be viewed on the DTI Web Page at defense-training.com
When you no longer want to receive Quips directly, you can unsubscribe any time.
In any event, there is no charge, nor obligation of any kind.
When I get comments, I read and answer every one personally.
Quips are my way of keeping contact with, influencing, and learning from other students of our Art.