4 Mar 21
“Firearms, in the hands of properly-trained and rational/reasonable people, can be helpful tools in saving lives.”
“Safe” Storage?
In a number of states, including mine, there is a current legislative movement to mandate “safe” storage of guns.
Guns necessary to protect the home on short notice, thus accessible and in a high state of readiness, are not even considered. Also not considered is the nature of the home and who lives there.
Personal defense of self and home are subjects not even brought up!
Citing high-sounding psycho-babble like “creative suicide prevention,” and “preventing child access,” liberal politicians are predictably writing law that is, as always:
1 Impossible to obey.
Such laws are so vaguely and confusingly written that compliance is virtually impossible. When you own a gun, for any reason, the law is specifically designed to trip you into violating it, unknowingly.
Liberals don’t want laws obeyed! They want laws violated routinely, so that they can predictably make the case that they “didn’t go far enough.” “Gun-safety laws” are contrived solely to make criminals of honest gun-owners.
And, the homeowner who naively attempts to comply and is thus unable to procure a defensive weapon in time to save his life, becomes a convenient tick-mark on that statistical tally correlating murder victims with “gun in the home”
2 Unenforceable. Who are supposed to enforce these laws would have to arbitrarily kick-in doors of otherwise innocent homes in order to “check” on compliance.
Instead, when a violent burglar beats-down your door, enters your home, threatens you, and in response you shoot him in a desperate attempt to protect your family and yourself, prosecutors will grant the wounded burglar immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony against you, contending that, as he was doing his best to murder you, you were able to get your hands on a defensive gun “too fast.”
Thus, liberals can realize their wet dream of filling prisons with political opponents, which include all gun-owners!
3 Written so that liberal politicians who write it are exempt from obeying it!
The governor and his bodyguard cadre will be, of course, exempt. They are also exempt from ammunition restrictions, magazine-capacity restrictions, “weapons-of-war” restrictions, ad nauseam.
Guns that protect liberal politicians will always be in a high state of readiness and ever “accessible,” because they consider themselves “essential.”
They arrogantly, and obviously, consider the rest of us “expendable”
Careful gun handling, ownership, carrying, and storage is the personal responsibility of every gun-owner.
Pseudo-moral busybodies, who love to mind everybody’s business but their own, don’t make our world “safe.”
They convert it into a prison!