17 Mar 21
“Safe” at home?
There is currently a nationwide surge in home-invasion/robberies, along with a significant increase in violent crime in general.
Among disarmed (by fiat) NYC residents, the phenomenon is particularly alarming! The media is playing this plague down of course, because it makes the JRB Administration look bad, and of course our “news media” is little more than the DRC’s propaganda wing.
Don’t believe anything they say!
Most burglary suspects will not attempt a break-in of a home they believe to be occupied. They mostly prefer to burglarize unoccupied homes. When they do encounter a resident in the house, they are usually as surprised as he is!

But, violent home-invaders don’t seem to care!

Particularly in NYC, they believe (with good cause) that anyone who is home will be unarmed and thus unable to repel them in any effective way. In addition, home-invaders are confident, also with good cause, that the (defunded) police response will be slow and probably inadequate. As a result, many home-invasion victims, including children, are routinely tied-up, brutalized, sexually molested, and murdered, as well as robbed.
When this unsettling subject is brought-up, embarrassed leftist government officials (speaking from behind their ever-present cadre of armed bodyguards) rapidly change the subject, or insist it’s not really happening.
Again, don’t believe anything they say!
Any chance, Democrats will make it possible for NYC home-owners to own guns that can be used for effective defense of themselves, families, and homes?
Advice for the rest of us:
1) Practice the “Stealth Existence!” Keep valuables and expensive life-styles out of sight, and out of conversation. Don’t describe/display your life-style and expensive possessions on social media. Keep your expensive car in your garage and out of sight. Lower your profile!
2) Install video cameras/speakers on entry doors (Ring System, et al). Make sure entry areas are well lit. Don’t unlock entry doors for anyone you don’t know and were not expecting. Talk with, and promptly dismiss, unexpected/unrecognized visitors via the video camera.
3) Likewise, don’t personally answer phone calls you were not expecting, nor from numbers you don’t recognize. When the call is genuinely important, they’ll leave a voice message, and you can call them back.
4) Install heavy locks on entry doors. Keep all doors locked when you’re home, as well as when you’re not home!
5) Install a monitored electronic security system. Make sure someone who can help will be immediately notified when there is a breach. Your system should feature a very loud siren!
6) Go armed! When you return home, don’t take your gun(s) off. Remain armed and ready, even while at
especially while at home!
“The use of silly and meaningless ‘safety language’ matters
It creates a distraction and delusion that safety and risk are being addressed.
We may ‘feel good’ about speaking such words, but they dumb-down culture and distract people from taking safety seriously”
Rob Long