13 Mar 21
“Everyone thinks of ‘changing the world,’ but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy
Last Wednesday, and apparently with a straight face, the wife of NYC’s current Communist mayor urged New Yorkers, all disarmed by law, to nonetheless physically confront dangerous felons, as these felons are in the process of committing violent crimes!
I thought that is what we paid a police department to do!
But of course, this mayor has drastically defunded his police department, with the glaring exception of his own bodyguard detail, which not only remains at full strength, but has recently been significantly reinforced. In an era of “defunded police,” there are apparently always plenty of “extra” police officers for this “critical assignment!”
This statement of hers is all the more curious, since she herself will never take her own advice, that she gives so free. While making this statement, the mayor’s wife was literally surrounded by, as noted above, a veritable army of heavily-armed, taxpayer-provided bodyguards, that she and the mayor enjoy twenty-four hours a day!
Communist mayors, in NYC, Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, et al, have consistently told citizens to always “give in” to violent criminals, never resisting in any significant way. When violent felons want to murder you and your family, you just have to let them do it! To leftists, self-reliance and self-sufficiency are unthinkable, apparently until now!
To enforce their suggestion that violent criminals never be so much as inconvenienced, leftists like NYC’s current mayor, have made it nearly impossible for citizens to legally own guns.
Now, the mayor’s wife is piously telling, indeed demanding, that these same pitifully defenseless, helpless citizens march right up to armed and violent felons and physically prevent them from completing their felonious acts!
It would seem to most sane people that her suggestion is inconsistent with continued good health!
Meanwhile, NYC’s defunded, inadequate, direful, denigrated, demoralized, disheartened police department trudges along, going through the motions if nothing else, as rates of violent crime in NYC predictably go off the chart, despite the leftist media’s sincere efforts to cover it all up!
Naive professing liberals, who voted for these clowns, need to confront this mortal hypocrisy and then painfully confront the fact that Communism, that they foolishly thought was the answer to all of Western Civilization’s problems, is worse than the problems!
Indeed, much worse, as we see!
“It is when I have come to the point that I can do little but crawl, that God calls me to fly. And collapsing at the seemingly cruel idea of such an impossible notion, I nonetheless raise a trembling hand and suddenly find myself soaring on wings I thought not to exist.
And since that moment, I’ve never stopped believing in wings, but I have stopped believing in crawling!”
Craig D Lounsbrough