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30 Oct 18 “O Human Race, born to fly upward, wherefore at so little wind dost thou fall?” Dante Gas Guns: At our popular DTI Urban Rifle Courses, the question of “gas adjustment” is ever on the minds of students. In these times, most of us use semi-automatic, military rifles. There are many choices! The […]

The Next Decade!

26 Oct 18 Comment on the Pentagon’s recent decision to move from the 5.56×45 to the 6.8mm, from a comrade who was in RVN about the same time I was: “I say fifty years too late! I dumped my M16 while in-country. We loved our M14s! The ‘new’ M16 was forced upon us. We didn’t […]


25 Oct 18 “Only put off tasks until tomorrow when you are willing to die today, because you left them undone” Picasso The dam finally broke! The Pentagon has officially announced that US forces, at long last, will be moving away from the 5.56×45 (223). The new military small-arms cartridge is the 6.8SPC, with ballistics […]


24 Oct 18 “Vanity is the quicksand of reason.” George Sand Watch these experts! On the cover of the current issue of “Shot Business,” an industry publication of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), we see a photo of a young woman holding a G42 or 43 (hard to tell from the photo). She is […]

Afraid of Guns?

19 Oct 18 Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? The foregoing is a Latin phrase, found in the work of Roman poet, Juvenal. Translated into plain English: “Who protects us from ‘The Protectors?’” In Afghanistan, we just witnessed a replay of the 1981 murder in Egypt of Anwar Sadat! Victims of the inside hit-job this time were […]

“Self-Defense” About to Become “Illegal” in South Africa

18 Oct 18 Self-defense, soon to be illegal in South Africa. The latest “Firearms Control Amendment Bill,” in SA, about to become law, essentially eliminates the private ownership of pistols, and most other guns. The bill reads: “The Registrar must be satisfied that the applicant has a ‘valid reason’ for possessing a firearm” Loosely translated […]

Muzzle Devices

17 Oct 18 “ Muzzle Breaks” and “Flash Hiders:” Nearly all ostensibly serious rifles being offered for sale today come with some sore of “muzzle device,” designed to: (1) Redirect expanding gasses at the muzzle for the purpose of attenuating felt recoil and muzzle-rise, or (2) Attenuate muzzle “flash,” caused by expanding gasses at the […]


13 Oct 18 “Liberals never defend their position with legitimate, logical argument, because their position is ever incoherent and indefensible. Instead, via hyper-emotional temper-tantrums, they personally attack and denigrate all who dare disagree with them, even to the slightest degree. These attacks are invariably intimate and literal. Liberals consider any departure from their Marxist ‘party […]


12 Oct 18 “Liberals claim they want to hear other points of view, and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view!” Buckley Beyond Nauseating! Cressida Dick, Chief of London’s Metro Police, is predictably standing with her Chief Deputy, Sir Craig Mackey, who is accused of fatal inaction and […]

World History!

11 Oct 18 Constitutional Criminals! From a friend and student: “I am an American Citizen, by choice! A decade ago, I legally immigrated here from Zambia. My ancestors were from the state of Gujarat, India, and they migrated to Zambia in the 1890s. My family is ascended from ancient Rajput Warriors. Today, with fierce pride, […]

Upside Down?

11 Oct 18 “He was going to kill me” Recent testimony of the armed British Police Officer who shot and killed terrorist Khalid Masood, shortly after Masood stabbed to death Officer Keith Palmer, as unarmed Palmer was posted at the Carriage Gates into New Palace Yard in March of 2017. To his credit, the armed […]

Spoiled Brats!

10 Oct 18 “To execute a man, we don’t need proof of his guilt. We only need proof that it’s necessary to execute him. It’s that simple.” Che Guevara “Peace In Our Time,” from a friend and fellow “Deplorable:” “Replicating an infamous proffer, initially made in Munich in 1938, HRC in a television interview this […]

Kavanaugh Confirmation

7 Oct 18 “Claims were repeated, then recycled as established ‘facts’ by the media. ‘Journalism’ created and painstakingly fed a public mood, and brooked no other version of the story.” Sue Richardson The Kavanaugh Confirmation: Few Supreme Court nominees have ever had the impeccable credentials of Brett Kavanaugh! During the “regular” hearing, no Democrat could […]


4 Oct 18 “Doxing,” latest weapon in the arsenal of leftist, political terrorists! Professing “liberals,” (Marxists) who piously assert that our faithful adherence to Constitutional values is “abhorrent,” “raciest,”and “obscene,” have defaulted to this new low in violent political tactics: “Doxing” “Doxing” is the Internet-based practice of researching and then broadcasting private, identifiable information about […]

Political Violence, Alive and Well in 2018!

3 Oct 18 “Next Step” In the last two years, over ninety politicians and other high-level government officials in South Africa have been brutally assassinated, mostly via close-range gunfire, some in their cars, some in their driveways, some in their homes, some at their desks. Victims of these political murders are not white, Apartheid-era officials. […]

UK’s abandoned heroes!

2 Oct 18 No support for heroes in the UK! The formal inquest into the murderous attack on the English Parliament in March of 2017, by a fanatical, AA-shouting Islamic jihadi, who stabbed to death unarmed Police Constable, Keith Palmer, has finally been released. Other police constables present, and equipped only with batons and CS […]


1 Oct 18 “Now the years are rolling by me They are rockin’ evenly I am older than I once was And younger than I’ll be; that’s not unusual Nor is it strange After changes upon changes We are more or less the same After changes we are more or less the same” From “The […]