7 Oct 18

“Claims were repeated, then recycled as established ‘facts’ by the media.

‘Journalism’ created and painstakingly fed a public mood, and brooked no other version of the story.”

Sue Richardson

The Kavanaugh Confirmation:

Few Supreme Court nominees have ever had the impeccable credentials of Brett Kavanaugh!

During the “regular” hearing, no Democrat could come up with anything that blemished Kavanaugh’s character is the slightest, though they surely tried!

Of course, Democrats hate his guts, because the hate DJT’s guts. But, they couldn’t come-up with anything even slightly negative about him.

So, they predictably “manufactured” an issue!

After the “regular” hearing was adjourned, they nonchalantly trotted-out the first of several pitiable lunatics who made ridiculous and unsubstantiated charges against Kavanaugh, dating from decades ago.

A subsequent FBI investigation clearly indicates all these charges were “invented,” and none have a foundation in truth. Every witness that could be located refuted these manufactured myths.

What is most disturbing was watching amoral, dishonorable, hypocritical, and disgustingly sleazy Democrats, whose collective closets cannot begin to contain their own skeletons, oh-so piously trying to pick nits off this distinguished jurist, in whose shadow none of them are fit to stand!

What is also disturbing is that all personal honesty and dignity are now apparently gone from national politics. We are down to contriving bogus charges, without the slightest credible evidence, in order to falsely defame good and decent people, with the absolute confidence that our corrupt media will gleefully join in the food frenzy, never questioning the source.

And yet, it was all for nothing. False charges and sleazy leftist theatrics all came to naught!

Kavanaugh is confirmed, because those who would tear him down never stand quite tall enough to reach him!

“We must know something about endurance and about the importance of refusing to be intimidated.”

Anna Salter