2 Oct 18

No support for heroes in the UK!

The formal inquest into the murderous attack on the English Parliament in March of 2017, by a fanatical, AA-shouting Islamic jihadi, who stabbed to death unarmed Police Constable, Keith Palmer, has finally been released.

Other police constables present, and equipped only with batons and CS spray, all ran away, leaving PC Palmer to be attacked and stabbed to death.

UK’s vaunted “armed police” were “nowhere to be seen!”

“For 46 minutes, there were no signs of the ‘roving firearms squad’ anywhere near the open Carriage Gates into New Palace Yard, where PC Palmer was murdered.”

“Palmer’s sisters, Angela Clark and Michelle Palmer, were extremely distressed that no one from the Metropolitan police had let them know there was an issue surrounding the absence of armed officers in place to protect their brother.”

Palmer was doomed to die the death of a selfless hero, by an inept department, government, and nation that deliberately decided to deny him the routine possession of a service pistol and the training in how to use it to effectively shoot-down crazed Muslim madmen intent on slaying as many innocents as possible by means of a moving car and a large knife.

England’s ingrained, visceral hatred of guns and illogical contempt for armed citizens and even armed law enforcement officers made PC Palmer’s barbarous murder inevitable.

UK’s manifestly cowardly politicians, whose administrative and legislative malfeasance were the direct cause of
Palmer’s murder, now continue to dither over new anti-knife legislation!

Like it or not, in our increasingly dangerous world, Goodness and Decency must be weaponized, or accept extinction!

Cancerous evil aggressively metastasizes in the presence of the helpless/defenseless, disarmed by fearful fools.

“A return to First Principles in a Republic is sometimes caused by simple virtues of a single man.

His good example has such an influence that the good men strive to imitate him, and the wicked are ashamed to lead a life so contrary to his example.”

Before all else, be armed!”

Niccolo Machiavelli