12 Oct 18

“Liberals claim they want to hear other points of view, and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view!”


Beyond Nauseating!

Cressida Dick, Chief of London’s Metro Police, is predictably standing with her Chief Deputy, Sir Craig Mackey, who is accused of fatal inaction and cowardice during the March 2017 lethal knife attack on unarmed Police Constable, Brian Palmer, at New Police Yard.

The AA-shouting attacker, Khalid Masood, after running-down pedestrians with a rented car (four murdered, twenty-nine injured) and then attacking and murdering Palmer, was subsequently gunned-down by an armed bodyguard (assigned to protect an unrelated politician), who just happened to be in the vicinity.

No armed officers were assigned to protect Palmer.

As Palmer was being murdered, Chief Deputy Mackey and several others were in a parked car a short distance way, with a full view of events taking place in front of them.

No one is the car was armed! In the UK, even chief deputies aren’t trusted with guns!

No one in the car, including Mackey, came to the aid of Palmer!

Instead, they all locked themselves in the car and watched, daring to emerge only well after Masood had gasped his last breath!

Dick’s venomous defense of Mackey and company goes way beyond asking for “understanding.”

She insists it is a travesty to even criticize her deputy, and anyone with a point of view differing from hers is “confused, unpleasant, and ignorant” and “… anyone who suggests otherwise is simply wrong.”

Intolerance for any other point of view but your own is a liberal trademark. You dare not suggest another point of view even exists, as Buckley pointed out (above)!

It was left to Met’s counter-terror chief, Neil Basu, to grudgingly concede that there were “shortcomings in security” on the day of the Westminster terrorist attack, a convenient way to casually dismiss the life of one of your officers!

Both Basu and Dick persist in solemnly declaring there was nothing Mackey could have done to aid Palmer.

Well, I guess we’ll never know, since nothing was even attempted!

It strikes me that higher-ups in UK law enforcement are far more interested in keeping their jobs, than they ever will be in actually doing them!

“To insist you have no choice, is to relieve yourself of personal responsibility.”

Patrick Ness