4 Oct 18

“Doxing,” latest weapon in the arsenal of leftist, political terrorists!

Professing “liberals,” (Marxists) who piously assert that our faithful adherence to Constitutional values is “abhorrent,” “raciest,”and “obscene,” have defaulted to this new low in violent political tactics:


“Doxing” is the Internet-based practice of researching and then broadcasting private, identifiable information about an individual, including home address, photos, phone numbers, church attended, bank(s) used, description of vehicles, travel plans and locations, places of work, schools attended by children, and identifying codes, including bank-account numbers, Social Security number, DOB, car licence numbers, credit-card numbers, etc.

“Doxing” is “targeting!”

“Doxing” is encouraging and arranging for surprise, physical attacks upon innocent, unknowing citizens.

“Doxers” are vicious, dangerous, vandalous, violent criminals, not “political operatives.”

“Doxers” feed information to ANTIFA, ISIS and other violent thugs, so that military families, LEOs and their families, conservative politicians, journalists, and officials (and their families) can be physically attacked, their property destroyed, and their Internet world vandalized.

“Doxers” represent a direct, murderous threat to innocent victims and their families!

“Doxers” include left-wing college professors, left-wing journalists, and Democrat “staffers” (one was arrested by Capitol Police just yesterday for doxing).

Officials at high levels of government, along with their families, live within sophisticated, multi-layered, “protective cordons,” formed by Capitol Police, FBI, Secret Service, US Marshals, State Department Protective Service, private security contractors, et al.

The other 99.9% of us (ie: peons), and our families, live within a single “protective cordon,” staffed exclusively by ourselves!

We need to think, equip, train, and plan accordingly.

First and foremost, as much as possible, limit what “doxers” can learn about you and your family:

1) Dump all individual, personal information that appears on your Web Page.
2) Dump photos and descriptions of yourself and family members

3) Dump physical addresses, descriptions of vehicles, travel plans, schools, banks, churches, places of business, etc

4) Dump personnel biographies

5) Dump Facebook

6) Dump Instagram

7) Dump Twitter

8) Dump Reddit

9) Dump Skype

10) Unlist personal phone numbers, and don’t answer calls from unknown people. Let them leave a message.

11) Get a Ring System (or something similar) for entry doors. Never unlock, nor open, your door to people you don’t know. Talk with them remotely. Don’t tell them whom you are, don’t invite them in, and don’t them see you, nor the inside of your house.

12) Receive mail and packages at a remote location (commercial mail room). Don’t allow your home address to appear in any “directory.” Keep your home address a secret!

13) Be always (all times and everywhere) prepared to effectively repel violent, physical attacks by murderous ideologues, who consider themselves “soldiers.”

“Doxers” fully intend to supply “targeting information” about us and our families to ANTIFA, ISIS, et al who as we know, joyfully embrace assassination, hijacking, kidnaping, arson, vandalism, and other criminal political violence as their standard MO.

As midterm elections approach, amoral “doxers,” with the blessings of the DNC, the leftist media, Hollywood Communists (which is “Hollywood”), and many leftist university administrations, will be hard at work!

Let’s make their “work” as difficult, frustrating, and unsuccessful as we can!