19 Oct 18

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

The foregoing is a Latin phrase, found in the work of Roman poet, Juvenal.

Translated into plain English:

“Who protects us from ‘The Protectors?’”

In Afghanistan, we just witnessed a replay of the 1981 murder in Egypt of Anwar Sadat!

Victims of the inside hit-job this time were Chief of Police, Abdul Raziq ,and several other high-ranking officials, all attending a “security conference.”

Current US Forces Commander in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller, was extremely lucky to have escaped unharmed. In fact, there is little doubt that he was the primary target of the attack!

The assassin was one of Chief Razig’s own bodyguards!

A gun-battle followed, during which the assassin was probably also killed.

Clearly, there are no “safe places” in Afghanistan!

I wonder if General Miller and other high-ranking American officials were all bearing at least loaded pistols at the moment of the attack. In the unlikely event they were, I also wonder if they immediately drew their own weapons and returned fire.

US Army soldiers are trained to fight back, immediately and aggressively, when attacked at close range.

Well, aren’t they?”

Can what is currently going on in Afghanistan be called “war?”

During our American Civil War, General Billy Sherman is quoted as saying, “War is hell!”

In our modern age, has that now waxed to “War is mildly unpleasant,” so we really don’t need to “go armed,” even when in areas of active hostility?

In Secretary Mattis’ Department of Defense, do our high-ranking military officers now routinely carry issue pistols, so as to “lead by example,” particularly when deployed overseas?

Or, as was the case during the BHO Administration, are they still so afraid of guns, they don’t even trust themselves?

“How about a shot of truth in that denial cocktail?”

Jennifer Salaiz