3 Oct 18

“Next Step”

In the last two years, over ninety politicians and other high-level government officials in South Africa have been brutally assassinated, mostly via close-range gunfire, some in their cars, some in their driveways, some in their homes, some at their desks.

Victims of these political murders are not white, Apartheid-era officials. Victims are all black, and current members-in-good-standing of the Communist ANC!

But, all made the mistake of being a little too honest!

They, mostly inadvertently, casually mentioned rampant political corruption at the highest levels of South Africa’s ANC government.

Gangs of heavily-armed hit-men (their version of ANTIFA) were subsequently dispatched to take them out, usually within days of their indiscretion!

With Communists everywhere (here and there), there is zero tolerance for individuality, independent thinking, nor personal integrity!

Of course when Communists are in power, other political parties are absolutely forbidden, but even within their own party, mild dissent, even hesitance in blindly going along with the party line, brings down immediate “sanctions” much more severe even than those reserved for those in open opposition!

Over here, “moderate” Democrats, especially (Heaven forbid!) “conservative” Democrats, had better be looking over their respective shoulders!

ANTIFA openly claims that they maintain a “List!”

Who stand in the way of socialists/Communists seldom die of old age!

“Communism is not love. Communism is the hammer we use to crush our enemies”