25 Oct 18

“Only put off tasks until tomorrow when you are willing to die today, because you left them undone”


The dam finally broke!

The Pentagon has officially announced that US forces, at long last, will be moving away from the 5.56×45 (223).

The new military small-arms cartridge is the 6.8SPC, with ballistics similar to the Soviet 7.62×39

This announcement comes twenty-five years late.

Some say fifty!

Inadequate range and penetration (for military use) has plagued the 5.56×45 from the first day it was issued.

And, a dreary, serial roll-out of dubious “improvements” (“wonder bullets”) all fell short of expectations, one after another!

With the 6.8mm, we’ll have a legitimate 300m rifle, and a 500m LMG, effectively doubling the range we enjoy now.

And the 6.8mm will actually shoot through things!

As noted, the 5.56×45 was a poor candidate from the start, and it lingered far too long.

However, as a patrol rifle cartridge for domestic policing, for domestic personal defense, maybe even for rear-area defense, the 5.56×45 is adequate still represents a good choice for these tasks.

The Pentagon’s belated move is welcome news.

Now, we’ll see if NATO falls in line, or becomes hopelessly Balkanized!