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What Matters?

28 Sept 16 Black lives may matter, but facts apparently don’t! A black police officer, working for a black police chief, shoots a black male who was pointing a gun at him, a person whom police weren’t even looking for. And, we have a black president! Police were planning to walk past the decedent’s car […]


27 Sept 16 FNS I’ve been carrying an FNS-9 for several months now. Its basically FN’s version of the G19. 2k rounds through my copy by this time. Made in the USA, my FNS-9 has run with almost no hiccups. The only modification I made was to grind-off the magazine-release button on the right side. […]


21 Sept 16 When violent people are running amok, destroying police vehicles, injuring police officers and others, setting fires, looting stores, etc, the correct description is: “Mob,” “Mobsters,” “Riot,” and “Rioters” Yet, in all the media reports from NC I’ve heard today, including Fox News, violent rioters are described as: “Demonstrators,” and “Protestors!” Mob violence […]

“Resistance is Futile”

20 Sept 16 Our Media’s Agendum: “Resistance is Futile” Curious the way our leftist media interminably wrings their hands over the difficulty, indeed impossibility, of accurately predicting random Islamic terrorist bombings, as just occurred in NY an NJ. Simultaneously, they are silent about the hero off-duty LEO, properly and legally armed and carrying concealed, who […]

“Narrative Fight?”

19 Sept 16 “Narrative Fight?” This “narrative fight” pronouncement by BHO’s idiot press secretary defines perfectly the dogged unwillingness of BHO and HRC to commit Americans to engage in a “gunfight” with radical Islamic jihadis. BHO and HRC are “wine & cheese liberals,” who have never had to fight anyone, nor for anything, in their […]

Mental Toughness

18 Sept 16 “Mental toughness” is probably the single most important component of your individual preparedness. During Saturday’s knife-rampage by yet another Islamic terrorist, this time in MN, an off-duty, and properly armed, local LEO courageously drew his pistol and gunned-down the perpetrator before he could inflict further mayhem on innocents. My friend and esteemed […]

“Dangerous” People?

16 Sept 16 Who are “dangerous?” HRC said recently, “We are going to pass common-sense reforms, to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.” But, who are these “dangerous people” whom HRC considers inherently unfit to bear arms? “Before my father died, he said the worst thing about growing old was that other […]

Learned Helplessness

14 Sept 16 “Learned Helplessness” and Our “Unarmed Forces” On 20 June 1985 four uniformed, but unarmed, US Marines, assigned to our Embassy in El Salvador, were gunned-down during a leftist guerrilla “drive-by” attack. They were obviously singled-out and specifically targeted by the Communists. I wonder if those young Marines had ever been briefed about […]


13 Sept 16 Follow-up on domestic terrorist attacks, from a friend who works in the security department of a large insurance company with office complexes in a number of major metro areas within CONUS: “As part of my job and as a result of frequent requests, I recently presented a security seminar for our region. […]


12 Sept 16 Lessons from San Bernardino: Other than the obvious lesson that being constantly armed is essential in our current age, here are some additional points gleaned from reports on the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA on 2 Dec 15 at the County Public Health Department’s Christmas party. People at the gathering […]


7 Sept 16 The FSM4 and Prairie Dogs! Last week I was with friends in WY, and was invited to go prairie-dog hunting at a local ranch. I was traveling, and the only rifle I had with me was my constant companion, my wonderful FSM4. One of my friends brought a scoped Savage bolt-gun, with […]


6 Sept 16 Drive-Thru Followup: I advise students to avoid sitting in a stationary vehicle for long. When in a vehicle, get the vehicle in motion as quickly as possible. So, using a fast-food drive-thru already violates that advice! But, like spending time in banks and jewelry stores (which I also advise against), we all […]


5 Sept 16 Disengage! From a student: “My wife and I were departing a Starbucks drive-through yesterday. I was driving. Our driver’s-side window remained lowered as we exited and approached the adjoining road. We paused at the stop sign and waited for an opportunity to pull into the near traffic lane. As we sat there, […]


3 Sept 16 “The shallow believe in luck. The strong believe in cause and effect.” Emerson “Chi-raq” is the movie name bestowed upon the City of Chicago. Although proved shockingly true on a daily basis, Mayor Emanuel, reverting to type, forbids the term in his presence. If the mayor were a Republican, Chicago’s tail-spin into […]

Political “law?”

1 Sept 16 Comments on the latest 9th Circuit decision on marijuana and firearms purchases, paraphrased from several lawyer friends, and me: I’ll preface comments by saying that I’ve personally never used marijuana, nor any other illegal drug, at any time in my life. In addition, I have never consumed ethyl alcohol. Nor, do I […]