28 Sept 16

Black lives may matter, but facts apparently don’t!

A black police officer, working for a black police chief, shoots a black male who was pointing a gun at him, a person whom police weren’t even looking for.

And, we have a black president!

Police were planning to walk past the decedent’s car to serve warrant in an apartment. Presumed relative said suspect was “reading a book, and got out of car with book and police shot him.”

The only thing made of paper found at the scene was what the suspect was using to roll a marijuana cigarette. As it turns our, the suspect had an extensive history of violence, and at the time had several outstanding felony warrants.

Local blacks, and many bussed in, rioted anyway, destroying property and injuring people.

Charlotte PD imposed a “curfew” for two nights, but didn’t enforce it.

It seems in this election year, every black suspect shot by police is suddenly elevated to the status of “innocent martyr,” and facts, truth, and reality surrounding the incident are not even considered.

We get requiem incendiary (literally) rhetoric from black race-hustlers, and the HRC campaign, before any facts are known. When facts are revealed, nothing changes. No apologies, and no retractions.

When it is revealed that the suspect had a gun in his hand, we get stupid questions like, “Was his gun pointed directly at you?” and “Did he actually fire his gun at you?”

Our police officers, who are paid to confront dangerous people, and now expected to wait until a violent, non-compliant suspect actually shoots several rounds in their direction before using deadly force to protect themselves?

Either way, race-hustlers demand officers be, automaton-like, prosecuted for murder, and career-oriented prosecutors often go right along!

Who is going to be a police officer under these circumstances?

“Justice has been rerouted
From present to future tense;
The law is so in love with the law
It’s forgotten common sense.

Does man now serve the law, I ask,
When law was made by man?
Or, law still serve its rightful task
protecting men from Man?”

Ogden Nash