12 Sept 16

Lessons from San Bernardino:

Other than the obvious lesson that being constantly armed is essential in our current age, here are some additional points gleaned from reports on the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA on 2 Dec 15 at the County Public Health Department’s Christmas party.

People at the gathering reporting hearing multiple “popping sounds.” Moments later, a person clad in black, wearing a mask, and bearing a rifle, started shooting at attendees.

(1) Warning is scant! Denial/hesitation is lethal. Always have a plan and exit-strategy in place.

(2) People in motion get hit less often than people who are stationary. So, get in motion instantly. You can decide what to do WHILE you’re moving!

(3) Some victims waited for instructions. They’re still waiting! You must think independently and be courageous enough to act unilaterally, and quickly, upon your own conclusions and judgement. Waiting for/seeking “approval” or “consensus” will be fatal.

(4) In the San Bernardino attack, a second active murderer followed the first. So, don’t relax too soon! In modern terrorist attacks, it is best to assume the presence of multiple threats.

(5) As I’ve said before, “rescue” is mostly myth. The attack will likely be over long before even the first police arrive, much less the SWAT Team. In the interim, you’re on your own!

There is no magic formula for living through a terrorist attack. However, in the coming months, probably years, many will be presented with the opportunity to try!

For my part, I’ll surely do my best to practice avoidance, but in any event, they’re not getting me without a fight!

“The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making mistakes.”

Meister Eckhart