13 Sept 16

Follow-up on domestic terrorist attacks, from a friend who works in the security department of a large insurance company with office complexes in a number of major metro areas within CONUS:

“As part of my job and as a result of frequent requests, I recently presented a security seminar for our region. The subject was:

‘Terrorist Attacks and Active Murderers.’

The core of my presentation was, of course:

Avoid, Separate, Evade, Flee. Fight when there is no other choice.

I expressed the opinion that “lock-downs” were tantamount to suicide and that running away almost always makes more sense.

My students (company employees) were enthusiastic, and desperate for more information, particularly with regard to state concealed-carry regulations, and going armed.

When wind of my presentation wafted up the food-chain, our department received a scathing email (the same day) from the highest corporate levels ordering us to stop all presentations and stop distributing any additional information about personal safety.

I should have expected it!

In the business world, it is far less expensive to quietly pay claims from families of murdered employees, than to pay claims from ‘families’ of dead terrorists. After all, employees are all insured, which is to say their lives have already been translated into a pre-determined number of dollars (and not a penny more)!

Conversely, terrorists and other violent criminals are of infinite value! Once dead, they will predictably be portrayed by plaintiff’s attorneys, aided and abetted by the liberal media, as ‘troubled youth, crying out for help.’ For months after the incident, perpetrators will be shown only in photos taken when they were wearing acolyte gowns at the age of twelve! Their murderous careers thereafter will be ignored by the media as ‘irrelevant.’

Oh, the career-ending bad publicity!

With many guns constantly protecting their lives, executives think they can afford to be casual about the (expendable) lives of those of us down here at the peon-level.

It looks as if I won’t be asked to make any more presentations…!”

Comment: I wish I were surprised!

Sheep don’t trust sheepdogs and more than they trust wolves!

When executives, in the public or private sectors, talk about “liability concerns,” that translates in plain English to:

“When our people are murdered, we will ‘react’ by paying for their funerals, and then hiring more!”

Unilateral action (ie: heroically defending oneself with gunfire) on the part of audacious employees in an effort to protect their own lives is always going to be “unthinkable” in the cloistered corporate world.

“Fighting” with improvised weapons (staplers, fire extinguishers) is grudgingly accepted, so long as it is pathetically ineffective. Really effective fighting, with real weapons that might actually succeed, is of course, absolutely prohibited!

In our current system, expect this kind a casual attitude toward your life. Don’t become a victim of it!

Understand who is ultimately responsible for your personal safety. Also understand that when people (employers, politicians, regulators, et al) make “rules,” (that they cynically never intend to observe themselves) such “rules” are invariably designed to benefit them, not you!